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Final Post of the 2022-2023 Season


The showers and potential thunderstorms continue through the end of May. Our chances for snow is essentially zero as we end Spring and begin Summer on June 1st. Mostly seasonable temps should prevail as we transition from Spring to Summer. Enjoy the pleasant weather after the long hard winter!

Short Term Forecast

It's been a few days since my last post. That likely means we haven't had any snowy weather to speak of. And fortunately or unfortunately depending on what you're looking for this time of year that has definitely been the case. 

In my last post I had mentioned the chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms off and on throughout most of the month of May and maybe a drier period right around the end of the month. Well... the showers and thunderstorms have stuck around with us and while not everyday has featured precip we've definitely seen a bit here and there. 

The part that didn't really pan out is the drying out. Our chances continue to be high to see precip today, Monday, Memorial Day and Tuesday, May 30th. And we will continue to see chances for precip actually every day for the rest of this week, which will take us into June. 

The cool down I mentioned did pan out as our temps have not been hitting above the 50 degree mark or so at Main Lodge the last few days. We'll be hovering around that mark the next few days and likely warm up a little bit going into the first few days of June. At that point we may begin to dry out slightly as well. 

As I said in the last post the odds to see anymore snowfall this month has essentially gone out of the window. While we have plenty of moisture present the temps are just too warm to support accumulation especially down at Main Lodge. 

You can expect to enjoy partly sunny to sunny days over the next week with afternoon showers popping up. Overnight lows should get close to freezing to set up the snow nicely each day. 

Extended Forecast

Looking beyond into the first full week of June the pattern looks to dry out, maybe slightly. Temps are forecasted to stay seasonable in the low 50's and 40's. Overall a very pleasant way to start meteorological summer. That will begin this coming Thursday, June 1st. Spring will be over and summer will begin... if it hasn't already as I'm sure many of you have already felt it. 

I'll share a graphic for precip over the next 10 days for you all:

Both the European and GFS Ensemble Models have precip either every day or every other day for the next 10 days. This is our showery and thunderstorm pattern that will continue. Granted, I have little confidence in this type of pattern more than a few days out but since both models show it and have continue to show it there's a chance we could continue to see at least some precip over the next 2 week period. 

The skiing and riding should continue well into summer and it's going to be a race against time for the snow pack to melt enough to close down the lifts. We'll have to see how kind this summer is in terms of not only precip (rain on snow washing it away), but also just temperatures and clouds to accelerate or decrease the snow melt. 

The record for latest closing date is the middle of August... Here's to hoping we can beat it! I'll try and provide one or 2 more final posts for you all.

Till the next one... Mike out.