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Nothing But Dry Weather Ahead


Dry and sunny through this week and likely into the next. We will see milder temps through Wednesday of this week with a dry cold front cooling things down by Thursday into the weekend. Next week we slowly warm up to more mild temps again. The next chance for precip could be after the 1st of December.

Short Term Forecast

We have a pretty boring and easy forecast for us over the next 5 days. It's going to stay dry and mostly sunny at a minimum through what's looking like the end of the month. The next 5 days will feature warmer weather in the 40's and 50's both today, Tuesday and tomorrow, Wednesday. 

By Thursday a dry cold front comes through and drops temps into the low 40's and keeps our temps much cooler through the weekend with base daytime highs around the freezing mark. 

Winds could get most gusty on Thursday and Friday with West to Northwest winds in the 30 - 40 MPH range. 

Overall we should see sunny skies with limited clouds through the end of this week including our holiday weekend. Snow-making conditions should be pretty ideal especially once we cool down even more over the weekend. 

Extended Forecast

Next week we continue more of the dry trend. Temps will slowly warm into the mid to upper 40's again by next Wednesday. We could see more clouds by the end of next week as the pattern may start to finally open up to storms. But, that's more than a week out and I'm not going to talk about any specifics. 

The models all suggest we finish this month completely dry. So November will go down as a dry month with pretty limited snowfall. We've had a couple of good Novembers over the last 5 years, with the 2021 November being the worst with only 9 inches. At least we've already beaten that one. 

The pattern could become more conducive to storms after the 1st of December as a trough may form off the coast of California. It will be interesting to see if a jet stream could set up and start to push moisture toward California. The classic question though, of where exactly will it push the moisture and how high snow levels might trend. All questions we'll face when the time comes. Until then, enjoy the sunny weather that our region offers so much of the time. 

Till the next one... Mike out. 


Track incoming storms with live and forecast radar in the OpenSnow app.

1) Tap the "Maps" tab.
2) Tap the overlay button.
3) Tap "Radar" or "Forecast Radar".
4) Scrub the bottom slider.

The live "Radar" is updated every 8 minutes to help you track ongoing precipitation for the past 2 hours, while the "Forecast Radar" is updated every hour to help you track forecasted precipitation for the next 2 days.

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