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By Jay Cordeira, Meteorologist Posted 1 month ago March 1, 2024

Friday Forecast


Temperatures will rebound on Friday with a chance of mixed precipitation and rain on Saturday. Although likely wet again mid-week, the extended forecast is finally set to cool off.

Short Term Forecast

Thursday was a mixed bag across New England with some resorts taking the "L" for the day on account of wind, ice, and weather. Other resorts did open for skiing and riding, and several others took advantage of the colder weather for snowmaking. Sugarloaf over in Maine took advantage of the latter according to their midday social media post (Twitter/X shown below).

Screenshot from Twitter/X by @sundayriver on Thursday afternoon.

Overall, the cold spell will be short-lived with temperatures rebounding on Friday and pushing back to above-normal levels for the weekend. Unfortunately, the warm up coincides with our next shot at precipitation that will be a mix of rain and snow across the region on Saturday.

The weekend weather will be influenced by a storm crawling along the East Coast south of New England on Saturday into Sunday. The meandering track will bring precipitation into the region mostly on Saturday afternoon with snow possible across northern region, but mostly rain across central and southern New England.

GFS model forecast animation for 1AM on Saturday through 1PM on Sunday. 

Temperatures will be marginal for snow across the region on Saturday afternoon as snow levels climb from ~1,000-2,000 feet earlier in the day to over 6,000 feet overnight. Any snow early on Saturday will be confined to northern locations at elevation and will likely changeover to rain with little-to-no accumulation expected. This transition shows up as "purple" in our recently updated forecast graphics on account of the potential for mixed precipitation (Killington below). While cloudy and warm, Sunday is shaping up to be mostly rain free.

Weather summary from OpenSnow for Killington from last night (Thursday night) through Sunday. 

Extended Forecast

The near extended term (e.g., through early next week) is looking pretty quiet over New England, but we'll have to deal with continued warmth and rain likely on Wednesday. Latest model guidance suggests that next Wednesday/Thursday could be a pivot point in the large-scale regime over North America that favors a potential transition back toward some colder weather and a chance of snow. 

ECMWF ensemble mean maximum and minimum temperatures forecast over central Vermont at Rutland through the middle of March. 

While the ECMWF ensemble mean forecast brings temperatures more in line with "normal" early-to-mid March temperatures, we have to acknowledge that those values are now pushing above freezing during the day. Fortunately, our overnight lows are still below zero which will potentially allow resorts to make at least some snow and allow for the snowpack to stabilize from any daytime melting. Spring skiing conditions are likely to develop pretty soon. 

March is no stranger to big storms. At least climatologically, we've had our fair share of big events in early March and many (many) high elevations storms throughout the month in years past. It's very possible that we see one more decent storm. I hope so. The ECMWF ensemble suggests that something might be on the horizon out near 11-13 March. The timing coincides with some potential warmth, so we'll have to watch if the event materializes and if it does, issues with precipitation type. 

ECMWF ensemble 24-hour snowfall forecast for central Vermont at Rutland through mid-March. 

Thanks for reading. The next DailySnow will be posted over the weekend and be an update; a longer post is planned for Monday morning. 

-Dr. Jay

Note: I'm still on the West Coast and have been managed to get the DailySnow posts updated by 7-8AM EST; however, note there is a chance a post may not get updated until 9AM EST. 


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