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By Mike Korotkin, Meteorologist Posted 2 months ago December 8, 2023

A Ridge Controls Our Weather


It will be dry sunny, and mild over the next 5 days. Next week we'll continue to see dry weather with mostly seasonal temps throughout the week. The models continue to show a very dry outlook over the next 10 - 14 days. Our next storm looks to be more than 10 days out.

Short Term Forecast

Next 5 - 7 Days 

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words. I'll let the graphic below do the talking then. 

That's the GFS Ensemble Mean for Heigh Anomalies over the next 7 days. And it shows a big ole ridge parked over the West Coast with the storm track up into Alaska. That means dry and at times mild weather for us. 

We could see slightly stronger winds on Saturday out of the North and Northeast. A Santa Ana wind event will be in full swing over the mtn. passes and foothills. But our winds shouldn't exceed 30+ MPH. 

Temps will be cooler on Saturday before turning more mild on Sunday and Monday with highs in the 50's. By the middle of next week we cool off into the low 40's and upper 30's and stay that way through what looks like next weekend. And yes.. the outlook even for next weekend looks dry... 

Extended Forecast

So far this season we've seen the Pacific Northwest favored. We've had limited to no precip, let alone snow. Looking out all the way to almost the end of December that continues to be the case. You can see on the GFS Ensemble mean below that the Pacific Northwest is favored while the Southwest is very dry through almost Christmas Eve. 

Does that mean we won't see a storm between now and then? I can't say for certain but the odds are high that we won't see a storm of real significance. The models can certainly change when we look at them this far out, but I'm not confident in any stormy pattern between now and Christmas. 

Youc an see on the PNA forecast below from the European model that it not only is trending positive but it continues to stay that way. 

A positive PNA usually doesn't bode well for us. We need it to be either natural or negative for us to really have a shot at some storms. And that's clearly not the case going into the next 10 - 14 days. I'll continue to update you on what I see. I'm going to take a break tomorrow from talking about the dry weather and the lack of storms. Keep praying for snow! 

Till then next one... Mike out. 


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