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The snow keeps going and going and going…


Saturday was a powder day, and more snow is on the way through Monday.


Saturday was a powder day in the morning thanks to the 10+ inches of snow on the report, and then an additional 4 inches accumulated at mid-mountain through the day as storm energy and moisture lingered over Colorado.

On Saturday night, the snow kept falling across far northern Colorado, including at Steamboat, and at least another 4-5 inches accumulated at the mid-mountain snow stake as of 2:30 a.m. (more snow could fall between 2:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. when the morning report is measured). This means that there will be soft snow and powder to enjoy on Sunday morning.

On Sunday, we might see a break in the snow during the morning (or snow could keep falling as it seems to want to do this season!), then from Sunday afternoon through Monday midday, the next storm will create a narrow band of intense snow that will slowly move from north to south across the northern mountains of Colorado.

I think we'll see 5-10 inches of snow from this narrow band of intense snow and the best chance for powder will likely be from Monday morning through Monday afternoon. My confidence in this forecast is only moderate as it is impossible to know exactly where the narrow band of snow will track, so actual snowfall amounts could be a bit lower, or equally possible, snow totals go above the high end of the forecast (as they seem to want to do this season!).

From Tuesday through Friday, we will see dry weather.

Then around the weekend of February 4-5, we might see snow, though, at the moment, the chances for decent snow accumulation are pretty low, just about 30% or so.

Looking further into the future, we will have another chance for a storm around February 7-9, and potentially yet another storm around February 12-14.

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Snow conditions as of Sunday morning

New snow mid-mountain (from the snow stake):
* 8+” (24 hours Saturday 500am to Sunday 500am)
* 4+” (Overnight Saturday 400pm to Sunday 500am)

New snow summit (from the snow stake):
* 9+” (24 hours Saturday 500am to Sunday 500am)
* 6+” (Overnight Saturday 400pm to Sunday 500am)

Last snowfall:
* 35” Tuesday to Saturday Night (Jan 24-29)

* 21 of 21 lifts
* 171 of 171 trails
* Latest update

Snowpack compared to the 30-year average:
* 144%