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On the Road...



I escaped just as the heat wave was settling into the Tahoe region last Sunday.  The night before we had thunderstorms spark off several fires around the area. 

Now we are back to average summer temperatures in the 80's and 90's.  Thunderstorms are possible through early next week, so we will have to keep watching for more lightning caused fires.

Road Trip:

I finally have a down day today to catch up on a lot of work and to write this post!  We have been traveling all week through Oregon and Washington.  Here is a look at the map so far...


I have been through most of the states we are going through before, but this is the first trip through all the National Parks, and with the kids!  It is amazingly beautiful up here.  Lots of blue lakes like Tahoe, but some dramatic views even along the drive.  

We left last Sunday and went through Lassen National Park on the way through Northern CA.  We have been there before hiking since it's our normal route to the in-laws.  Then we went up to Crater lake on Tuesday.  

crater lake

I was already feeling a vibration I didn't like under the RV.  When we stopped for the night at the in-laws I pulled the rear differential apart and put it back together after cleaning it and filled it with new fluid.  As far as I can tell no real issues under there, could just be my old RV...

On Wednesday we made our way up to Mt. Rainier National Park and camped inside the park.  Normally I love tent camping, but when you have an RV with a fridge and no generators allowed, your RV turns into a tent.  Adds to the excitement.  But the kids were having a blast!

cougar rock

We got up early the next day to go up and hike and explore the base of Mt. Rainier.  It was forecast to be a cloudy day and we were lucky enough to get up there for some peeks of the peak through the fog.  We did get to see it clear the day before from a distance.  

mt rainier

Mt. Rainier is one of my favorite places at it is one of the snowiest places in the world!  Since we were there early in the morning before the tourists showed up (yes we are tourists too), we did get to see a lot of animals roaming around which the kids were excited about.  It was a mystical feeling with the fog, cool air, and animals roaming.


headed for the coast late morning and made it to the Washington beaches on the West side of Olympic National Park by early afternoon.  The kids dipped their toes in the Pacific before we head East to do the same in the Atlantic.  The mystical fog was still hanging along the beaches as well.


Then we spent the rest of the afternoon driving through Olympic National Park.  It was a beautiful drive, and we were forced to slow down and take it all in thanks to lots of road construction...  I handled it well with a good co-pilot in the chair.


We spent the night at a great little campground with lots for the kids to do to unwind.  The host even gave me a loaf of bread right out of her own kitchen.  It's the little things that count...

The next morning we hopped on the ferry in Port Townsend and then drove up into North Cascades National Park.  We stopped a lot to get out and hike around to see the views.  Another amazing park in Washington with lot of blue water, water falls, and big peaks.  We have fallen in love with Washington.

blue lake

big peaks

I'm no expert photographer, so I hope you can get an idea of beauty with these little shots if you have not been to these parks yet.  Breathtaking....

We finished out the day on the East side of the park going through the old town of Winthrop.  Then camping for the weekend along the river.  Much needed R&R before the next week of parks!


After this post I promised the kids I'd inflate the kayak and take them on the river.  Then me and the co-pilot have to get back in the captains chairs tomorrow and head to Glacier National Park.  I've never seen this dog so happy!


But she is also eating really well...  Here is a look at the next 3 weeks of driving ahead..


So far we are enjoying being in the RV together.  The 3 year old is a little crazy most days as she is out of a routine.  Hoping she settles in soon.  But we are loving it.  My wife has been cooking up some amazing meals and seems to be handling me pretty well, which is saying a lot being with me 24-7.

I hope the rest of you are also out on your adventures.  I have a photo contest going on the Tahoe Weather Instagram page.  You just tag Tahoe Weather, Revo, and SFThreads in your pictures of your adventures around Tahoe this summer, and the winner gets all kinds of prizes from Revo, SF Threads, Opensnow, and I may throw in a free day of skiing at your resort of choice with me this Winter.  You can also follow more on this trip on the BAs Summer Adventures Instagram page and IGTV app.

Hard work is important, but make sure you are getting out and creating experiences as much as possible!!!  And pray for a snowy season ahead!

Stay tuned...BA