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Tahoe Daily Snow

High Peak Dustings...


We saw some heavy downpours yesterday across the area, including some thunder, lightning, and hail.  The freezing levels were up around 11,000 feet, so some of the pictures of white from around the mountains I think was hail versus snow.  In some of the heavier downpours, we could have seen snow levels drop between 9,000-10,000 feet.  The top of Mt. Rose falls in that range.

mt rose

This morning we have a cold front approaching from the Northwest that is already pulling in moisture to the western slopes this morning.


The snow levels for today should come down to around 9,000 feet with the front this afternoon.  We are only expecting light to moderate rainfall today,  but that should be enough to add a little more white to the highest peaks!  Here is the total precip forecast, looks a little low looking at the current radar.


High temperatures now look like they will be stuck in the 50's for the next week, which is below average and it will make it feel like fall for sure.


We have a trough that will sit over the Western U.S. this week, with some additional systems dropping into the west side.


Another front dropping through on Saturday could bring more rain showers to the area.  Snow levels look like they will stay around 9,000 feet, so we could see some more snow for the highest peaks.  A little white on the peaks along with the fall leaf colors and cool air it should be a good week if you love fall.

We have been watching the next storm that will drop down for Wednesday.  This is a colder storm and if it drops down the coast it could bring us some snow.  Unfortunately, the last few runs of the models have trended towards a track down to our east.  But we will keep watching it...

After a break the weekend of the 14th, the long-range of the models show an active storm track into the Pacific NW the week of the 17th.  We could see a break in the action during that time, but we will watch to see if the storm track lowers into CA towards the end of the month into November.

Stay tuned...BA

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