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Tahoe Daily Snow

Finally A Heat Wave!...


We finally have some warmer weather this week as a high-pressure ridge builds in over CA. High temperatures may peak in the upper 80's Thursday, and Reno may finally hit their first 100-degree day this summer!

We are expecting the warm weather to last through Saturday with dry weather and typical afternoon gusty winds from the SW on the lake.  

Then Sunday into Monday another cool trough tries to push down from the north, but it is weaker this time and stays mainly to our north. We should see temperatures cool back into the 70's.  But then high pressure builds right back in next week!

high pressure

That will bring the warm temperatures back for next week after a brief cooldown Sunday into Monday.


The dry weather will continue through the week.  Without thunderstorms, there is less of a risk of lightning triggered fires, but the dry weather and heat will mean humans can more easily cause fires the later we go into August.


The Cal Fire incident map is even quieter than last week.  Let's hope that continues through the rest of the fire season, but the risk is increasing.

ca fire

The Upcoming Season

Some forecasts are already coming out, attempting to forecast this upcoming winter 4-6 months out.  I just posted an article about why you should not rest your hopes on them.


We can fairly effectively forecast what the ENSO region of the Pacific Ocean is going to do as far as sea surface temperatures.  But even that isn't perfect, and as I explain in the article above, not all El Ninos or La Ninas are alike.  Shorter-term patterns that you can't predict until a week or two out during the Winter can drive the storm track.

Here is a look at the current sea surface temperature anomalies show that we have begun to flip towards a La Nina pattern with cold water coming off of South America along the equator.  But looking at how warm almost the entire northern Pacific is, especially off of CA!


We will look more into that and how it could possibly affect our weather pattern as we get closer to Winter.  People have been asking me what happened the winters following a cool summer.  It is too early to confirm how cool this summer will be.  We are now heading into a couple of weeks of warmer weather, and that could continue into September.  That could possibly average us out for the summer.

New Tahoe Forecasts!

We are continuing to develop the OpenSummit and OpenSnow apps and sites.  This week we added more point around Tahoe including Truckee, Tahoe City, and South Lake Tahoe!

Truckee: https://opensummit.com/points/truckee
Tahoe City: https://opensummit.com/points/tahoe-city
South Lake: https://opensummit.com/points/south-lake-tahoe

The map on the app for the Tahoe region is full of mountain peak and hiking trail forecasts.  


We are planning to add more backcountry mountain location forecasts on OpenSnow as well.  You will only need to be on one app for all of your weather forecast needs in summer or winter if you spend your time in the mountains! 

Summer is Waning...

Some schools are already back in session this week.  That is a reminder of how short the summer is becoming.  Still, lots of time to enjoy the summer weather in the mountains, especially if we see warm weather into September.  

We have been out and about trying to enjoy every last drop of summer weather.  This past week we spent time on the beach at Pyramid Lake.  Such a beautiful spot to enjoy warm sand and warm water!

pyramid lake

Heading to another Truckee Thursday tonight, and hopefully catching a concert in the park before they end this month.  Hoping to do more hiking as well!  But lot's of work happening here at OpenSnow as we prepare for the ski season!

Stay tuned...BA


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