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Tahoe Daily Snow

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June Cold Front...


Windy and cooler through Wednesday. Then lighter winds and slight warming starting Thursday through the weekend. Sunny skies expected through the period. A small chance of a scattered shower/snow shower Wednesday night.


After the heatwave last week we have the opposite with a cold front for this week.

We start fairly seasonal Monday with mostly sunny skies. Highs in the 60s at lake level and 50s for the upper mountains. Even colder above 9k. Lake level winds gusts of 20-30+ mph from the southwest, and ridgetop gusts of 40-50+ mph. That will create rough lake waters for boating.

You can always find detailed forecasts for hiking the highest peaks and other mountain locations on OpenSummit. Also lake level weather for boating from Homewood High & Dry Marina.

Cool Down:

A cold trough slowly pushes inland Tuesday into Wednesday. 


That will bring cooler temperatures and a continuation of gusty winds. Highs dropping into the 60s at lake level and 50s for the upper mountains. Lake wind gusts from the southwest of 20-30+ mph by afternoon and 40-50+ mph over the ridges.

Wednesday night we bottom out with lows down into the 20s. Brrr... Below average for this time of year.


A low moving through to the north Wednesday night could bring showers to our north, and snow showers as low as 6000 ft. or slightly lower. Most forecast models keep the precipitation to our north but a few like the GFs model show a few showers farther south. So there is a small chance we could see a stray snow shower Wednesday night.


Thursday Into the Weekend:

Thursday through the weekend the trough shifts west off the coast, with a ridge building over the West.


Being on the edge we won't warm up a lot, likely just back into the 60s for highs at lake level and 50s for the upper mountains through the weekend. Winds at lake level and over the ridges look to be lighter starting Thursday.

I will continue to post weekly updates on Mondays throughout the summer. Be sure to be using OpenSummit for your summer mountain weather. It is especially helpful with the colder temperatures and stronger winds normally seen when hiking the higher elevations.

We have lots of new location points and map overlays including smoke maps and snow cover maps, as well as offline maps when you're out of range. We will be adding more features throughout the summer!

Stay tuned...BA

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