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Chance of Thunderstorms Thu - Sat, Then Drier...


A chance for afternoon thunderstorms and showers Thursday through Saturday. Drier Sunday into next week.


Looking at the radar Thursday we are starting to see some showers and thunderstorms pop up over the mountains. We have a cold front moving through the region.

weather map

That will also cool highs into the 70s at lake level for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures are usually 3-5 degrees colder for each 1000 ft. you go up the mountain.

The winds don't look that strong with lake winds gusting up to 10-15+ mph during the afternoons, and ridgetop gusts of 15-20+ mph. That could continue through Sunday, and maybe slightly stronger for Monday as another cool front moves through.

The best chance for showers looks to be Thursday afternoon with a lower chance Friday and Saturday. These are isolated storms so it's hard to say where they will hit with some heavier showers and lightning. Keep an eye on the radar which we have on our Maps page. Here is the total precip forecast through next Thursday.

total precip

Saturday we warm back into the 80s at lake level into next week.. The pattern looks drier in the afternoons starting Sunday. The cool front Monday looks dry right now. Maybe just cooler again by Tuesday for a day or two

We could see another cool trough for the 4th of July weekend.

cool trough

That could mean cooler temps and gusty winds, and maybe a few showers. But right now the models are pretty dry. We'll keep an eye on that and I'll have the updated holiday weekend forecast in next Thursday's forecast.

No fires of concern to talk about today, but I'll let you know when/if we see fires later this summer. We will track the fires and smoke forecasts. You can also track those on our Maps page as well!

Stay tuned...BA


We have been working hard on new features since the ski season ended and we will continue to work hard to bring you more features all summer. We recently launched a 5-day Air Quality Index forecast map!

aqi forecast

That combined with our smoke maps will help you to plan your weekend adventures in the mountains during the summer. We will have more fire/summer weather features coming out soon. To learn more about our air quality and other maps you can read this article...

NEW: Global Air Quality Forecast Map | OpenSnow

...and you should be using the "Maps" page on our site and app, along with all of the other features! Be sure to explore the entire site/app as we continue to add more features, and share with your friends! We appreciate all of your support over the last 12 years. We look forward to many more with you! BA