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Utah Daily Snow

Zip, Zilch, Nada


High pressure remains in full control for the foreseeable future. No real chances for precipitation in Utah during the next week or more.

Short Term Forecast

Another few days of checking models with very little in the way of good news to share. Please don't shoot the messenger! 

I really hate having nothing to forecast.  Doesn't really lend itself well to writing a forecast.  As of right now (Thursday, Nov 7), there is no precipitation showing for the next week.  Here is the GFS through next Thursday (Nov14th): 

Dry as a bone.  

Extended Forecast

As for the long range, the GFS has been showing glimmers of hope with a weak system approaching the region around November 17th.  Unfortunately, this solution doesn't really have the support of its ensembles.  The ensemble mean shows blocking high pressure remaining in place along the west coast thru at least November 22nd: 

Hopefully this breaks down faster than anticipated, but I'm not optimistic at this point.  

Good news:  If you are searching for good news, I have some to offer you.  November snow deficits are extremely easy to erase.  One or two good storms either late this month or early December and we are right back on track.  I also went back and looked at some other dry Novembers to see how those seasons turned out.  Last November was very dry and we ended the year with well-above average snowpack.  Same story in 2016-17 season.  In fact, more often than not over the past 30 years, we've been able to turn around a slow start.  My advice... enjoy biking, fishing, golfing, etc in the meantime.  Use the good weather to rake up the leaves in your yard.  Eventually this pattern will change. 

Evan | OpenSnow

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