Caroline Gleich's Crush It 4 Climate Everest Challenge

To raise awareness for climate change and its impact on mountain communities, OpenSnow Athlete Caroline Gleich will climb up and ski down 29,032 feet (the elevation of Everest) in a single push or for 24 hours, whichever comes first.

Who: Caroline Gleich, professional ski mountaineer, Rob Lea, head crew.

Where: Brighton Ski Resort. Caroline has received special permission from Brighton to undertake the project.

When: Caroline will begin her 24-hour uphill challenge at 6 PM Mountain Time on Sunday, March 7, and will continue until 6 PM on Monday, March 8, unless she has not finished the 29,032 feet yet, in which case she will continue until she finishes. 

How: Caroline will be doing this challenge fully supported, with the crew helping her meet her caloric and hydration needs, along with pacers to help her keep the right pace at various times throughout the 24 hours. 

Why: Caroline has seen firsthand how climate change is affecting mountain communities and how important it is for the world to transition to a renewable energy future. Whether it’s melting glaciers in the Himalayas or the snowpack close to home in the United States, we all need to do our part to solve the climate crisis as soon as possible.

View Utah's Clean Energy Fundraiser and sign up for Protect Our Winter’s Crush It 4 Climate challenge.

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