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1 week ago

TRAILER: Make Believe - TGR

For 25 years, TGR has focused on turning 'Make Believe' into reality, from exploring powder stashes in their backyard playground to first d…
3 weeks ago

NOAA’s 2020-2021 Winter Forecast

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) makes long-range forecasts each month.
3 weeks ago


Matchstick Productions 2020 ski film is packed with the best skiers in the world charging hard and having fun in some of the most spectacul…
4 weeks ago

Dutchies Do Ski - Japanuary

The following article was written by Julie Nieuwenhuijs of @DutchiesDoSki.
1 month ago

Did Anyone Accurately Predict the 2019-20 Winter Season?

Each August, as we start hearing outlooks for the upcoming winter season, I always find it amusing to go back and look at the forecasts for …
1 month ago

2019 State of the Climate Highlights

Each year from January to June, hundreds of scientists from around the world crunch the numbers on the previous year's climate, reviewing a…
2 months ago

OpenSnow Commits 1% of All-Access Sales to Carbon Removal Technologies

In 2019, we learned how to calculate our carbon footprint and offset this impact.
4 months ago

Reading Weather Maps - Explained

If weather forecasters could only look at one map, the 500 millibar height map would be it.
4 months ago

Temperature Inversion - Explained

Temperature inversions are observed when the air temperature increases with height.
4 months ago

Lake Effect Snow - Explained

Lake effect snow occurs when cold air moves across relatively warm, unfrozen waters.
4 months ago

WATCH: The FIFTY - Mt. Moran

At the northern tip of the Teton Mountains lies a ski line that in one continuous streak, stretches from lake to sky.
4 months ago

Atmospheric River (AR) - Explained

Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) can deliver significant amounts of precipitation to the West Coast, and feet of snow as well.