By Bryan Allegretto, Forecaster Posted 6 years ago January 5, 2017

January 4, 2017: There’s No Day Like a Snow Day! (Tahoe Report)

Lake dwellers awoke to around 2 feet of heavy wet snow on the ground and nowhere to go as both Echo Pass and Carson Pass are closed for avi control. It’s a good sign when you wake up in Christmas Valley to avalanche bombs blasting the steep stuff over highway 50.  It’s going to be an excellent day of skiing, yet avalanche danger will limit lift openings and constrict most of the shredding area at all mountains around the lake. Plenty of fresh snow will be left untouched at Kirkwood for all the weekend warriors to gobble up.  This is a good time for a recap of yesterday’s goodness.


Yesterday kicked off with 2.5 feet of fresh powder on all aspects and perhaps a little more in the wind loaded areas.  Lapping chair 6 you could find untouched snow every run until the afternoon when the wind took over and filled in ruts and bomb holes.  Pesky rocks were covered up and it is beginning to look like low tide has officially come to an end!



(Trevor Smith Kirkwood local and powder chaser)

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