By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 9 years ago August 18, 2014

Snow this weekend for the northern Rockies?

A strong storm (for August, at least) will move through southern Canada and the northern Rockies this weekend. Temperatures will run 10-20 degrees below normal in parts of Wyoming and Montana. Break out the sweatshirts!

Cold temperatures for Montana and Wyoming


In Bozeman Montana, the coolest temperatures will likely hit on Sunday through Monday. Keep in mind that the temperature scale below, on the left, shows the temperature compared to average, NOT the actual temperature.

Below average temperatures in Bozeman


The chilly air will drop snow levels down to 10,000-12,000ft, so the highest of high peaks may get coated, especially if the precipitation falls during the colder nighttime hours.

Low snow levels in Montana and Wyoming

We still have a few months before ski season really kicks into gear, but it’s never too early to enjoy a few flakes!




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