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Snow & Powder Forecasts for Colorado

Monday, November 26, 2012 8:14am MST

I started writing weekly emails about snow in December 2007. Ever since then it seemed like there was always something good to talk about. Last year threw a wrench in the "always something to talk about" theme as we went for long stretches without any natural snow. But last year was an anomaly, so I (and you) were hoping for something different this year.

Unfortunately, we're in a really bad weather pattern, and I don't see it breaking in the next 7-10 days. We will see snow flakes during the next week, but I don't believe accumulations will be significant.

The main theme for the next week is a big area of storminess over the west coast. Snow levels will stay high with relatively warmer air, but the highest elevations from Tahoe north to Oregon and Washington could see FEET and FEET and FEET of snow from now through next Monday.

The storm track over the next week will stretch from Tahoe and head north and east just clipping Utah and bringing good snow to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. This leaves Colorado on the southern edge of the storm track and the result is just a few flakes from passing storms to our north.

The best chances for a bit of snow in Colorado is Thursday in the northern half of the state, Friday night for the northern two thirds, and perhaps again next Monday/Tuesday. I doubt that any of these storms will bring more than an inch or two, and even that might be generous, but for optimism's sake I did put an inch in the forecast during these times for some resorts.

The map shows total precipitation from now through 10 days out, and you can see that the storm track stays to our north.

European snow model

While I love my home state of Colorado, if you're jonesing for powder, it's time to seriously start considering trips to the north and west. Grand Targhee, Wyoming just received 22" in the last two days.

Grand Targhee

After the next week, the storm track looks to change shape a bit and spare Tahoe and Utah but bring more snow to British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Start thinking about heading this way to find powder. And don't forget that we have snow forecasts for every state and every resort in the United States, so add some other areas to your personal dashboard to see the shorter term forecast and keep an eye on the 5-day snow forecast with our powder finder.