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First February Weekend and Beyond


Gradual warming is set to continue into a pleasant first weekend of February. It won't last as next week turns unsettled.

Short Term Forecast

Extensive cloud cover streams overhead through a mild Friday on the slopes. Further warming goes into a sunny weekend with mountain high temperatures in the upper 30's, mornings will remain brisk and fast. Sunday southwesterly winds will be on the increase through the day ahead of a storm due Monday-Tuesday. This storm moves in as a mostly dry cold front, with light snow flurries through a colder and breezy Monday. A closed (cutoff) low then looks to develop across southeastern AZ on Tuesday, which would bring a continuation of light snow to the Whites through the day and possibly into early Wednesday, again, snow amounts appear minimal at this time. 

Models hinting at a slightly more productive storm next Thursday-Friday 2/9-10, with potential for a couple of inches.

Extended Forecast

Medium range models are hinting at a potent winter pattern to develop mid-month, too far off to buy into at the moment. Enjoy


I'm off to the desert for a few days, back with a forecast on Tuesday, enjoy.