Boise Region Daily Snow

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Quick update


Quick update on the storms later this week. Models are trending pretty bullish with this pattern and temperatures look really good. Let's get into it!

Short Term Forecast

No updates here. Storm for this evening is still on track. We will clear out by tomorrow morning and it should be a beautiful Thanksgiving across the state with temperatures slowly rising until Sunday. 

Extended Forecast

The primary focus is now going to be on the storms this coming weekend and through next week. Right now both the Euro and GFS are predicting for the initial storm to arrive Sunday morning and continue into Monday (11/28). Initially it looked like temperatures would be on the warm side for this storm but that has changed over the past few model runs. The temperatures will start out marginally warmer but will then cool quickly through the day. The GFS is predicting a half inch or so of liquid with this storm. 

The next storm follows quickly on the heels of the first storm and moves through early Wednesday. Again it is a bit early to talk about snow totals, but models are showing another half inch to inch of liquid. Even better is the temperatures look well below normal for this storm. The below graphic shows that the temperature anomaly for the 10 day period starting Thursday is pretty cold. 

The GFS is then showing another storm for the following weekend on 12/3 but it is wayyyy to early to discuss that one. 

I will post again on Thursday with some numbers! 


Happy Thanksgiving!!