Boise Region Daily Snow

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Quick Forecast Update


Short range models are coming in quite a bit more aggressively than they have been. I am going to call an audible and make some adjustments to the forecast. Let's check it out!

Short Term Forecast

I like what I am seeing. Yesterday it looked like the storm was going to be too far east for the northern areas like Tamarack and Brundage to get much in the way of precipitation. Today the track has moved farther west which is great!! Check out the plumes from UofU below:

As you can see there is quite a bit of uncertainty still with plumes showing anywhere between 8-12 inches from now till Sunday afternoon. Temperatures are going to be absolutely frigid with snow to liquid ratios of 14:1 for most the storm and cracking 20:1 overnight on Saturday. 

I think areas along the Long valley, Tamarack, and Brundage should see 3-5 inches of snow from early tomorrow morning into tomorrow late afternoon/evening. Snow should die off but then redevelop from early Saturday into the evening and overnight hours. We should see another 3-6 inches from the second half of the storm as well. If the storm continues the trend of moving west we could see even more. Keep your fingers crossed. 

Bogus unfortunately is too far south to take really good advantage of this storm. I still think that they get 1-3 for Friday and another 1-3 on Saturday into the overnight hours. Slightly leaning higher totals on Saturday than Friday due to the direction of the wind. 

Check out the NAM12k for total precipitation ending on Monday:

Do those snow dances! If the storm keeps trending west thenn we could certainly get some great numbers. If the storm moves east then we will get much lower numbers. 

Extended Forecast

No major updates here. Next storm looks to be next Thursday or Friday (2/2-2/3). I will update before then!