Boise Region Daily Snow

Heads up, there may be fresher snow! Read the latest Boise Region Daily Snow

A Solid Series of Storms


Have a couple nice storms coming in tomorrow and Tuesday night. We should get solid totals out of both storms with the storm tomorrow being the largest. Let's take a look!

Short Term Forecast

Snow should start falling just after midnight in the mountains. The storm is moving in from the southwest so all areas should do pretty well! There should be a bit of a break in the action as the first wave moves out tomorrow around mid-day and the second wave moves in from the northwest around mid-afternoon. 

Wind direction will be a big factor. Check out the time-height chart for Mccall below:

In this chart you can see the wind direction given by the direction of the arrows, time moves from Sunday on the right side to Tuesday on the left, the green is indication of precipitation. Wind will start out from the south/southwest on Sunday, transition to being from the due west overnight on Sunday into Monday, and by Monday come from the due north. 

I expect Bogus, the Boise ridge, the West mountains, and Tamarack to do very well initially with 5-8 inches of snow on Sunday. Brundage does not do as well in a southwest flow, but they should still pick up similar amounts due to the second wave moving in from the northwest on Sunday afternoon. 

It looks to me like flakes should continue to fly overnight on Sunday into Monday. There is not as much moisture aloft (see the brown areas in the chart above on the upper left hand side) but wind direction will be good for the northern areas. Another 2-4 inches should come down from lift close on Sunday and through the night.

Expect full on storm riding all day tomorrow with free refills. Monday should be a really good day to ride as well with clearing conditions throughout the day. Especially at the northern areas of Brundage and Tamarack. 

Extended Forecast

The next storm moves in around mid-afternoon on Tuesday. The Euro and GFS came to a bit of an agreement on this storm. It's a bit weaker than the Euro initially advertised but certainly stronger than the GFS initially thought. I am a bit torn... I certainly think that 3-5 inches are possible overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday but the weaker GFS has me a bit spooked. Check out the plumes below for the Mccall area:

1.25 inches of liquid is pretty solid for a 5 day span. The storm on Tuesday should start out a bit warm with freezing levels at 5k feet on Tuesday but then quickly dropping through the night. Snow to liquid ratios should peak at right around 15:1 too so it will definitely be right side up and should ride really well on Wednesday. 

Let's go with general amounts of 2-5 inches across the area. Northern areas will be favored again since this storm is moving in from the northwest. Wednesday will be a solid day to ride!

It does look like we dry out for about a week then we have a possibility of some more storms moving in. Let's see where the forecast takes us!