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Winter into April.


The storm from the last few days performed very well! Bogus and Tamarack performed as expected. I loved that Brundage got a bit more than I thought they would. We have a solid few days of incoming precipitation so let's take a look!

Short Term Forecast

Brundage reporting 10 inches on Tuesday morning was impressive. As the storm moved out there was quite a bit of wrap around moisture that was able to feed into the northern areas. Brundage was just far enough north to catch the brunt of it. 

The next series of storms will roll in early Thursday. This will not be a single event but more a constant flow of moisture from the west and northwest as a low pressure system sits over our region. I think the best days to ride will be Friday and Saturday with between 10-20 inches falling from Thursday through Saturday. Temperatures will be significantly colder than average as well which will help the inches pile up quickly. Check out the plumes courtesy of UofU:

I would definitely look for Brundage and Tamarack to both do very well. Brundage may be slightly favored due to the northwest flow aspect. Bogus should pick up some solid snow as well with 8-12 inches from Thursday through Saturday. 

I would not be surprised to see some numbers on the higher side though. With the cold temperatures and persistent moisture being pumped into the area it will be easy to get the inches to pile on. Check out the NAM12k precipitation prediction through Saturday:

We will get one final pulse of moisture into the area on Sunday but it won't be too much. I expect only a few inches across the area. 

Extended Forecast

Models are showing a low pressure moving into the area next Monday/Tuesday. There is not a whole lot of agreement on time frame or if that trough will anchor over our region. If the trough progresses through then it could be a one hit wonder. If the trough anchors in then we could have another cold and snowy week. 

Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how much you like winter lasting through April), I am leaning towards the cold and snowy solution. The Euro Ensembles are certainly pointing to it:

On the bright side, winter has to end at some point.... right? Maybe? ;-)