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Spring is Overrated


Winter seems to think that spring is overrated. Temperatures have been significantly below average for the past week and will continue to be that way. Accumulations have been modest for the past 2-3 days but less than what I had expected. Let's take a look at the forecast for the next few weeks!

Short Term Forecast

Snow has been piling up at resorts around the area for the past 3-4 days. We definitely underperformed what I thought we would get, but still... accumulations through the week have made conditions really solid. We have a very active next few weeks incoming.

The rest of the day and Monday should be very nice with spotty showers throughout the area. The next storm moves in Tuesday night and will last into Wednesday. This is a weak storm that is diving into the southwest so most areas around the state ill see very light showers and not much in the way of accumulations. The lone exception looks like it will be Sun Valley where they will benefit from winds directly from the south. Check out the plumes for SV below courtesy of UofU:

Plumes are showing around 10 inches or so at Sun Valley from Tuesday late afternoon through Wednesday. I think this is a bit bullish but I could still see Sun Valley getting 5-10 inches. Let's keep an eye on this as we get closer.

Showers could continue through Thursday as well. Especially across the south-central mountains around the Sawtooths. I am interested to see if these showers will extend into the Sun Valley area. 

Extended Forecast

Another trough will move into the northwest next weekend and hang out in the region for a week+. The first storm will move in early Saturday. This will be the strongest storm with an initial burst of snow as it moves through then follow on showers through the day on Sunday into the late evening hours. Temperatures are going to be really cold as well with snow levels below 3500 feet consistently. 

Forecasts are calling for upwards of an inch and a half of precipitation for resorts across the area for the 3 day span from Saturday through Monday. I would definitely get some riding in if you have time. Saturday will be full on storm riding all day with refills and Sunday will be a solid powder day. 

Ensembles have been consistently showing continued storms after that with a pacific northwest trough anchored over the area. Check out the Euro Ensemble precipitation anomaly forecast below:

There are signs that by the second week of April we could start seeing some drier weather. But I don't believe anything that calls for warmer or drier weather at this point. :p