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Never Ending Story


I sound like a broken record at this point, and we have more incoming snow. Shocking I know. We have a solid 10 days of storms starting tomorrow. Let's take a gander!

Short Term Forecast

Truthfully models are a bit all over the place with the storm moving in Tuesday. Really I am going to be spitballing some numbers and giving you the best days to ride. Especially with this storm. 

We will get our initial push of moisture into the region very early Tuesday morning. This will be a pretty weak initial surge of moisture followed by on and off showers through the morning hours. Precipitation will pick up in the late afternoon and early evening. We should get snow most of Tuesday night and into Wednesday early afternoon. As the storm moves inland it will rotate, and the northern areas should experience some nice northwest flow from late Wednesday night into early Thursday. Some models are showing continued showers into Friday as well but there is no consistency in the predictions. Just know that is on the table.

I think best days to ride will be Wednesday with free refills in the morning and Thursday at the northern resorts of Tamarack and Brundage. Heck Friday could be great as well if we get some consistent northwest flow. Totals across the region look solid with between 6-12 inches over the 3 day span from Tuesday evening to Friday evening. Check out the blended model below:

Healthy totals and everyone should get in on the action!

The next storm will move in mid-morning on Saturday and is going to be a really strong and cold. We should see pretty continuous snow from Saturday through most of Monday as the trough pulls in moisture off the Pacific. 

The strongest moisture will move through Saturday with the initial surge in the morning. Expect storm riding with free refills throughout the day. But man.... I think every day from Saturday through really Tuesday (4/4... how in the world are the best conditions of the year possibly going to be on the fourth day of April???) is going to be phenomenal. Check out the plumes for our downscaled GFS at Bogus Basin:

You can see that around an inch of liquid is predicted through Friday before leveling off (where the black line is flat) before taking off again. Looks like a total of around 1.5 inches of liquid from Saturday through middle of next week at Bogus. The plumes are even more aggressive at Tamarack and Brundage with 2+ inches for the same time period. Big score for those of you looking to skin Tamarack after they close. 

It really is hard to believe that I am predicting 2+ feet of snow over a 10 day period in early April. My goodness. What a year. Check out the National Blend of Models for total precipitation over the next 10 days:

Get after it! This will be the year that you tell your kids and grandkids about. "Hey kids.... I remember when I was skiing blower into early April in 2023."

Extended Forecast

Models start to diverge after this coming week (so after April 6th-ish). The Euro keeps us cold but dries us out and the GFS keeps the storms pumping. I feel like I've written that before and every time the storms just keep pumping. Winter has to end at some point right? We have to have spring at some point right? I hope? ;-) 

Let's keep an eye on this!