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By Matthew Platt, Forecaster Posted 14 days ago April 4, 2024

All Over the Place


What a wild day of weather we had yesterday! It is only getting crazier today with rain, a strong cold front, and snow in the mountains. Models are a bit all over the place with the forecast for this storm which adds to the intrigue! Let's dig in!

Short Term Forecast

I honestly don't know what to think at this point. The European model is still incredibly bullish on precipitation through Saturday:

The GFS is not so stoked:

There is at least an inch of difference between the models for precipitation during the same time frames. Even more confusing is that the shorter-range models are split with the NAM12k echoing the GFS and the NAM3k echoing the Euro. 

I usually tend to believe the Euro and if the storm has the look of the NAM3k then good things are going to happen:

Another way to illustrate the uncertainty is to look at the plume for Big Creek Summit provided by UofU:

The interesting part is that the precipitation totals are in a fairly tight band (the bolded lines are very close together) but the snowfall totals are significantly different. This tells me that the biggest point of contention in the shorter-range models is the timing on the cold front. If it comes through earlier the snowfall totals will move up dramatically, but if it comes through later then the totals will be lower. 

I truly don't know how the forecast is going to turn out. If I am being conservative then I would say 10-20 inches of snow is a good bet for all resorts from Thursday through Saturday. My hope is that the Euro is on to something and Bogus gets 20-30 inches of snow. We've seen this setup produce big totals before... southern flow followed by wrap-around moisture moving through from the northwest across the Boise ridge. 

My picks for the best days to ride are still Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. After that, it's all sunshine and corn harvest!

Do them snow dances and maybe we end up with a miracle!

Extended Forecast

Slush, pond skims, and plenty of sunshine!

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Matthew graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2014 with a B.S. in Mathematics and now lives in Idaho with his family. He loves to camp, hike, ski, and explore Idaho with his wife and 3 boys. Matthew has been chasing powder for over a decade and forecasting for the Boise region since moving to the area in 2018.

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