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Colorado Daily Snow

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End of the inbounds ski season, start of the smoke season


Arapahoe Basin's last day was Sunday, June 6, and that marked the end of the inbounds ski season in Colorado. Unfortunately, today, Monday, June 7 marks the start of the smoke season as wildfires in Arizona will start to push smoke into Colorado.

Short Term Forecast

Sunday, June 6 was the last day of winter operations for Arapahoe Basin, and that marked the end of the inbounds 2020-2021 ski season.

I went to A-Basin on Saturday, and it was super fun. Everyone was in party mode. And Lake Reveal was available for folks who wanted to skim. The most unique skimmer we saw was a man who played harmonica as he skimmed across the lake (he made it with lots of extract speed and all teeth intact).

Saturday at A-Basin marked the 48th-day on-snow this season for our 3-year-old son. Maybe we'll put in some work and find a stripe of snow in the backcountry for him to notch his 49th and 50th day. But if Saturday was the last day this season, it was a good one.

I didn't get a lot of sleep this season, but OpenSnow has continued to grow, I continue to be excited about new features that we released and are working on, and our family had a lot of fun in the snow (along with numerous toddler meltdowns and lots of snacking). So it was all worthwhile, and we can't wait to get back on snow when lifts start turning again in 4-5 months.

Extended Forecast

Now thinking about summer mode, it has been wet over the northeastern part of Colorado, so fire danger is low for that part of the state. But other parts of the state are dry, and a lot of the west is dry as well.

We already have fires to deal with in Arizona, and those fires will be sending smoke northward into New Mexico and Colorado during the next few days.

To see smoke forecasts, go to OpenSummit.com and then tap "Maps". All-Access subscribers will see the smoke forecast map layers that animate 18 hours in the future, and these forecast maps update every hour.

Smoke maps are available on the OpenSummit.com website and on the OpenSummit mobile apps.

OpenSummit is an awesome tool to use to get weather forecasts for your favorite peaks and hiking spots, easily see the risk for precipitation, lightning, and wind. And we also have maps for current radar, forecast radar, and forecast smoke, and more.

New this year on OpenSummit is "The Daily Summit", which is a human-written update on the weather around the western US. It's like the "Daily Snow", but a summer addition that provides background on what's going on with the weather, and what's coming up in the next few days.

Whether you're using OpenSummit or about to download it and try it out:-), I hope your summer is off to a great start and I'll write periodic updates here throughout the summer when we have new features and news to share.

Stay cool...and wear sunscreen:-)



Geography Key

Northern Mountains
Steamboat, Bluebird Backcountry, Granby, Beaver Creek, Vail, Ski Cooper, Copper, Breckenridge, Keystone, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, Berthoud Pass, Eldora, Rocky Mountain National Park, Cameron Pass

Along the Divide
Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, Berthoud Pass

East of the Divide
Eldora, Echo, Rocky Mountain National Park, Cameron Pass

Central Mountains
Aspen, Sunlight, Monarch, Crested Butte, Irwin, Powderhorn

Southern Mountains
Telluride, Silverton – north side of the southern mountains | Purgatory, Wolf Creek – south side of the southern mountains

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