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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 3 months ago December 3, 2023

Quick Break Sunday, More Snow Monday!


The run of powder days continued yesterday, with another big overnight dump in the French, Swiss, and Austrian Alps. With more snow throughout the day yesterday, conditions should be epic today (Sunday) as well. Catch your breath today because the break between storms is quick, as the next storm moves in Monday morning.

Short Term Forecast

Another day with impressive overnight totals coming out of the Alps. With resorts opening there are more reports available. Check out a few below.

  • Zillertall: 60 cm
  • Verbier: 40 cms (1m storm total)
  • Zauchensee: 60 cm

Sunday will be cold and partly to mostly sunny, so enjoy the break in the action. It won't last long as the next storm is already formed and approaching from the West. 

Snow will return as early as Monday morning in the French and Swiss Alps, and by the afternoon in Austria. This cold storm will favor the French Alps, with winds out of the southwest, west, and then northwest. This distribtion of winds will allow for most of the French Alps to receive heavy snow, without one area seeing a lot more than the others. 

The southwest winds initally will favor the southern part of the French Alps, as you can see below.

The winds will then shift to the west and ultimately northwest, which will favor the northern French Alps.

The Swiss and Austrian Alps will get some snow too, but with the upper-level low tracking over the Alps the totals there won't be that impressive.

Most of the French Alps will see 20 - 50 cms, while the western Swiss Alps should wind up in the 15 - 30 cms range. Farther east in Switzerland and across the Austrian Alps expect 10 - 20 cms, though there is sme model discepency regarding just how much snow falls in the central and eastern Alps.

Check out the European snow forecast below.

We'll have another short break on Thursday before the next storm in this neverendung series of storms arrives Friday morning. Right now this looks like a warmer storm that will favor the western and southern Alps, as most of the enery dives down into the Mediterranean prior to reaching the Alps. Still, upper elevations of the southern French and Italian Alps should see significant snow, with lesser amounts in the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Generally, its looking like a 20 - 40 cm ish event for southern French and Italian Alps, but it's a bit of a complicated storm so I will get into the details as we get closer. 

Extended Forecast

I sound like a broken record, but there may not be much of a break after the Friday/Saturday storm. As early as Sunday the next system could fire up more snow in the Alps. Its looking like this storm will take a more northerly track with more of a graze than a direct hit to the Alps, but thats nearly ten days out so we'll have to keep an eye on it.

Thanks for reading the Europe Daily Snow! 

Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow

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