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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 3 months ago December 4, 2023

Two More Storms for the Alps, France In the Spotlight


Hope you enjoyed a day without snow yesterday, because our next storm is already here. First storm continues through Wednesday and the next one arrives Thursday night. The French Alps will be the winner with just a refresh farther east.

Short Term Forecast

Base depths are solid and we’re already losing track of the powder days. Mid-winter conditions exist across most of the northern and western Alps. Two more storms are in the forecast so let the chasing continue. 

Snow is already underway across the French Alps, and will become heavy overnight. Expect 5 - 15 cms during the day today, with another 10 - 25 cms Monday night. Snow continues on Tuesday in the French Alps with 5 - 15 cms more. The Valle d’Aosta region in Italy should do well too. Expect slightly lower totals in western Switzerland during each of these periods. Final snow map as this storm gets going.

Totals drop off pretty fast as you head farther east, and only 5 - 15 cms total are expected across the eastern Swiss and Austrian Alps. The storm is digging south right over the Alps resulting in minimal forcing over the eastern section.

Overall this is a cold storm with snow levels below base elevations and only moderate winds. Tuesday should be another great pow day in the French Alps.

Things start to clear out in the Fench Alps on Wednesday while some snow showers linger in the Austrian Alps. Most of Thursday should be dry too ahead of the next storm slated to arrive Thursday night. 

The next round of snow comes in from the West but drops down south before reaching the Alps. Models have trended a bit cooler for this one with snow levels near base elevations rather than mid-mountain. The southern French Alps and southern Alps overall wiill be favored, with many areas getting snow that haven't seen much this year.

Generally, this is looking like a 15 - 30 cm event for the French Alps and around 10 - 20 cms in western Switzerland. The southeastern Swiss and Italian Alps will finally see a big snowfall, with southerly winds favoring these locations. Moving east on the northern side of the Alps totals will drop off considerably, with only 5 - 15 cms expected in the eastern Swiss and Austrian Alps. This storm track would bring signifcant totals to the Pyrenees too.

Here's an early look at the snow forecast from the European Model.

You can see the model picking up on the southerly flow with some heavu snow on the far southern edge of the French Alps as well as on the southern side of the eastern Alps in Italy.

Extended Forecast

We may finally dry out for a bit starting next weekend. The storm tracking north of the Alps early the following week has trended more to the north, possibly missing the region. There’s still time for the track to come back south so I’ll keep an eye on it. 

Thanks for reading the Europe Daily Snow! 

Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow

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