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By Mike Korotkin, Meteorologist Posted 3 months ago November 29, 2023

Barely Anything


Mostly sunny and dry conditions will be in place for Wednesday. Thursday we could see snow showers in the afternoon. Friday should be another dry day, while on Saturday a few more snow showers are possible. Accumulations will be minimal. Most of next week continues to look dry and mild. The next storm could be the following weekend.

Short Term Forecast

Dry Wednesday

Today we have one more day of dry weather before we get a little taste of winter. Temps will be in the mid 30's at the base. Winds should be under 25 MPH out of the South-Southwest. 

Thursday Snow Showers 

I've talked about this weak system to death over the last several days. Today... it looks even more dead and wimpy on the models. I have nothing more to say other than don't expect much out of it. Temps will drop into the upper 20's and winds might pick up slightly. We could see 30 MPH gusts out of the West-Northwest.

At this time I'm not expecting more than a dusting to an inch of snow for the entire mtn.  Snow showers should start later in the afternoon and be more prevalent in the evening/overnight hours. 

Dry Friday 

At this point Friday looks dry and mostly sunny. Temps will be in the low 30's and winds could gust up to 30 MPH out of the Northwest. 

Slight Chance for Snow Showers Saturday 

There's a very slight chance we could see more snow showers on Saturday. If they do occur we're not likely to pick up more than another dusting to an inch of snow. Temps will be in the low 30's and winds should be under 25 MPH as well. 

I wish I had better news and more snow to talk about it, but this system never favored our region and I've always had low expectations. 

Dry Sunday 

After any snow showers that do come through on Saturday, we'll dry out on Sunday. We begin the major warm up on Sunday with temps in the upper 30's. Winds continue to stay under 30 MPH out of the Northwest. 

Extended Forecast

Sunday through Wednesday of next week looks pretty dry and quite mild. Temps should be in the mid to upper 40's by Tuesday and Wednesday. A large ridge of high pressure will dry out most of the west and create milder weather for most of the work week. 

There are signs the ridge moves East and allows cooler air to come through by Friday with highs moderating back into the low 30's at the base level. 

Winds should be light through Wednesday with gusty winds possible by Thursday as a dry cold front likely comes through. I'll get into those details as we get closer. 

The models generally suggest we see limited moisture all of next week. Our best chance could be the following weekend, the weekend of the 9th of December. But that's way too far out to make a meaningful prediction. 

I'll keep you posted on when the next chance for snow comes into the picture. I hope it's soon... Pray for snow. 

Till the next one... Mike out. 


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