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By Croix Christenson, Meteorologist Posted 1 month ago February 29, 2024

Spring-Like Weekend On Tap


Snowmaking and lake effect snow has allowed for a refresh of the slopes across the Midwest over the past 36 hours! We'll see a warming trend into the weekend making it feel more like April than late February or early March.

Short Term Forecast

The next Daily Snow will be posted on ***Saturday***

General Observations:

  • We will continue to see announcements over the next week or so of resorts closing for the season due to warm temps and rain at times

Snow Chances Thursday, Feb. 29 to Sunday, March 3

North Shore Lake Superior

  • Thursday will be the start of a warming trend that continues into the upcoming weekend
  • The next notable precip chances arrive late this weekend into early next week

South Shore Lake Superior

  • No significant precip is expected through Sunday AM with precip chances increasing late this weekend into early next week
  • Another mild weekend is on tap, with spring-like conditions on the slopes

Twin Cities Region

Many resorts have had the snowmaking equipment running for the past 36 hours, which has allowed for a refresh of the slopes after the warm temps we saw earlier this week! 

  • 40s to 60s likely Thursday to Sunday (some locations could see 70s Sunday!)
  • The next chance of precip arrives late this weekend into early next week

Central and Southern Wisconsin

Sadly, Devil's Head has announced they will be closing for the season. We could see more in the coming days as highs in the 50s and 60s return. 

  • Thursday: Mainly 40s with a few 50s possible
  • Friday: Upper 40s and 50s for highs
  • Saturday and Sunday: Warm - 60s likely for much of the region with a chance at cracking 70 again
  • The next chance of widespread precip likely does not arrive until late this weekend or early next week

Northern Lower Michigan

I peeked at webcams Wednesday night and Thursday morning and nearly everyone had the snow guns running, which will improve the conditions after we saw such mild temps and rain earlier in the week. Here is an image of Nub's Nob making snow Wednesday night:

It is difficult to say if any powder stashes are left or if resorts groomed the fresh snow and machine-made snow together. The good news is that the natural and machine-made snow will allow the groomers to work their magic and lay down some nice corduroy. 

The warmer temps remain on track with 50s and 60s likely over the weekend and the next chance of widespread precip likely not arriving until next week. 

Southern Lower Michigan

The poor conditions (warmth and rain) have resulted in resorts altering their plans, so be sure to check ahead! Some have been making snow and plan to reopen this weekend while Bittersweet has said they will be closed until further notice. 

With such a warm weekend once again on tap, we'll see how much longer resorts can hold out. I applaud their efforts to date - it's been a tough season so far. 

  • Thursday: Highs in the 30s and 40s
  • Friday-Sunday: 40s to 60s for highs 
  • The next chance of widespread precip likely does not arrive until early next week

Extended Forecast

Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 10

  • Models have not budged on the likelihood of a larger, complex system starting around the 3rd
    • The heaviest snow likely remains to the north and west of the region 
    • Looks like this will come in multiple waves, with more rain than we prefer
  • Rain, thunderstorms, and snow are all possible next week
  • Hints of one or more systems from the 7th to the 10th as well

Fantasy Land: Monday, March 11 to Sunday, March 17

  • Shocking! Models lean slightly warmer than normal
    • Confidence: Low to medium
  • Toss up if we see an active or a quiet week

The next forecast will be posted on Saturday - thanks for reading!


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Road Conditions: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin

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