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Keeping the streak alive


Some bonus snow on Thursday will keep conditions soft in the northern mountains on Friday morning. Another round of light snow of 1-5" on Friday afternoon favors Santa Fe and Pajarito. We could also see 1-2" on Saturday into Sunday. Then a storm is possible around March 30th.


On Thursday, enough lingering moisture combined with some cooler air to bring a bonus few inches across the northern mountains for the Friday morning reports:

3" Taos
2" Ski Santa Fe
2" Sipapu
1" Pajarito

This keeps our streak of consecutive days of measurable snow alive at 4 days, and we have received snow in the Land of Enchantment on 8 of the last 10 days.

With such consistent snowfall, the resilient krummholz spruces at treeline, such as at the top of Big Tesuque, are sporting their brilliant new line of fashion in the spring 2023 runway edition.

Now on Friday morning, we have single-digit temperatures above 10,500 feet and the highs will only warm into the teens on Friday. This cold air hangs around until Monday for a winter-like weekend!

The consecutive snow streak will almost certainly keep going on Friday as light to moderate snow moves into the northern mountains between around 1 pm and 6 pm. I think Ski Santa Fe and Pajarito will be favored for 2-5" by Friday sundown. 

A few of the storm cells that move through on Friday afternoon, like the predictive radar below for 2 pm on Friday, could be strong springlike snow squalls with bursts of graupel and maybe even some thundersnow! 

Last few chairs on Friday could be sweet with a few inches of fresh as will first chair on Saturday.

On Saturday, we should see another wave of light snow with 1-2" in the northern mountains.

Here is the liquid precipitation for Friday afternoon through Sunday morning with enough snow to keep conditions soft.

The consecutive snow streak will almost surely end on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Then snow could return around Thursday, March 30th.

Thanks for reading!

I will post again on Saturday to keep the consecutive snow streak alive! 

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Considerable Avalanche Danger on Friday. Check Taos Avalanche Center for all of your backcountry forecasts

Always consult TAC for the latest avalanche forecasts!

New Mexico Geography Key

Northern Mountains
→ Red River, Taos Ski Valley (north side of northern mountains - Sangre de Cristos)
→ Angel Fire (northeast side of northern mountains - Sangre de Cristos)
→ Sipapu (middle of the northern mountains - Sangre de Cristos)
→ Ski Santa Fe (south side of the northern mountains - Sangre de Cristos)
→ Pajarito (southwest side of the northern mountains - Jemez)

Central Mountains
→ Sandia Peak (Sandias)
→ Mt. Taylor backcountry (San Mateos)

Southern Mountains
→ Ski Apache (Sacramentos)
→ Ski Cloudcroft (Sacramentos)