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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 6 months ago August 21, 2023

Storm of the Decade Rages On, Cold Phase Has Begun


This behemoth of a storm continues today (Monday), and will last through much of the week. Huge additional totals are expected during this time, with some of the best days of the season ahead. Things should clear out Friday with a needed break in the action next weekend. The break won't last too long though with another storm as early as Monday the 28th.

Short Term Forecast

This storm has been pounding the region with rain and snow thus far. As of this morning, Portillo has already received 156 cms, with Valle Nevado reporting 77 cms. Per Powderhounds, Las Lenas has received 30 - 150 cms from base to summit. On Sunday, the northern resorts continued to see snow. In the central zone, snow was falling up high but rain and mix fell at lower elevations. The webcams showed snow up high and rain down low at resorts like Chapelco, Corralco, Antillanca, Cerro Catedral and Cerro Bayo.

Luckily, the anticipated cold front arrived last night and the rain has turned to snow. We still have a long way to go with this storm, so read on for the details. The plume of moisture resulting from the atmispehric river is still pointed at the Andes, and will be through Wednesday, as seen below.

Forecast for Monday 8/21 - Friday 8/26

Now that the cold front as arrived, snow totals will start to stack up at all resorts. Overall, we’re still looking at an additional 1 - 2.5 meters for most resorts. The deepest amounts will still be found in the northern resorts, but the cold front will allow the central resorts to get deep too. 

Expect 10 - 20 cms per day through Wednesday at Caviahue, Antillanca, and Pucon, with totals of 70 - 110 cms by Friday. Further north, at resorts like Corrralco, Nevados de Chillan, Antuco, and Las Araucarias, heavy snow will begin on Monday and pick up even more Tuesday and Wednesday, resulting in totals between 1 - 1.75 meters. Nevados de Chillan and Chapa Verde could see closer to 2 m during this time. The northern resorts will see massive additional totals, with Portillo, Las Lenas, and Valle Nevado getting buried with 1.5 - 2.5 meters on top of what's already fallen. 

It will be snowing extremely heavily during the day and night through Wednesday, with gusty winds at times. On Thursday the snow will begin to decrease, but still continue to accumulate. By Friday, just some snow showers will remain, with minor accumulations. 

Forecast for Saturday 8/26 - Sunday 8/27

We'll get a little bit of a break over the weekend, and hopefully the resorts can get more terrain open. Temperatures should stay cool through Saturday before warming up a bit on Sunday.

Extended Forecast

Outlook for Monday 8/28 - Friday 9/1

The models agree that another storm will arrive Sunday night or Monday. How far north this storm will track is still to be determined, as some of the models keep the focus on the central and southern resorts. Right now, this is looking like a moderate event, with totals in the 15 - 30 cms range, but this is still over a week out. 

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