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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 6 months ago August 19, 2023

Concerning Warm Trend During Early Stages of the Mega Storm


There has been a concerning trend bringing warmer temperatures during the first few days of this storm. Higher snow levels and rain at lower elevations will be possible at times through Monday.


The resorts in the northern zone, with their high base elevations, shouldn’t have much of an issue with rain and snow levels. It is already dumping there on this Saturday, with 10 - 20 cms reported at Las Lenas, 22 cms at Valle Nevado, and 30 cms at Portillo. Corralco has received 15 cms with 10 cms at Nevados de Chillan as well. Later today through Monday, however, resorts in the central zone may not fare so well. 

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we will be dealing with rising snow levels both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Check out the temperatures rising each day of the weekend in the GIF below.

Atmospheric rivers, originating in the tropics, often feature warm temperatures and present snow level issues during these type of storms.

As a result of this warm air, rain is possible at mid and lower elevations for the central resorts on Saturday and Sunday, especially in the afternoon. Nevados de Chillan and Corralco may only see rain at the base, but Chillan has already announced it will be closed Sunday and Monday due to the rain.

A strong cold front will arrive Sunday evening/night that will lower snow levels below all base elevations, thankfully. You can see that cold front in the above GIF as well toward the end.

Ok, that's all for today. Next update on Monday.

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