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One Meter of Snow in 8 Hours at Las Lenas & South America Photo Tour!


The last storm delivered some incredible snow totals over the last several days. This was another epic storm cycle with some of the deepest totals this season, and there are a lot of great photos to prove it! Keep reading to see some of the mega-deep shots from the storm.

Short Term Forecast

Let's go over a few snow totals first. Las Lenas is reporting 1 meter at the base and 2.5 meters at the summit over the last 24 hours. In eight hours alone it snowed 1 meter! 

Some other 24-hour snow totals as of Monday AM are listed below.

Valle Nevado: 39 cms

Portillo: 33 cms

And a few 48 hour totals as of this morning  

Nevados de Chillan: 85 cms (36 cms in the last 24 hours)

Corralco: 40 cms (30 cms in the last 24 hours)

This has been an incredible stretch of storms for the region. One of the major mountain passes in Argentina has been open only two of the last twenty-six days, which is one of the longest streaks in ten years. Los Puquios, a small, family-oriented ski area in the Mendoza region, has extended its season to September 17th. Last season this ski area closed on August 7th. 

Ok, let's get on to the pictures. First, check out this shot from the backcountry near Las Lenas in Argentina.

Valle Nevado looking deep this morning.

Looking deep at lower elevations in Argentina too.

Some more great shots of the backcountry in Argentina.

Las Lenas was buried this morning.

And you can barely see the buried cars in the shot below.

I saw some avalanches at Las Lenas and below are some shots of avalanche activity at La Parva.

Finally, this is a line at Portillo that hasn't opened in ten years. With the nearly constant snow over the last few weeks, this spot opened up on Sunday.

Thanks for reading everyone. I will have an update on the forecast tomorrow!