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Snow to Rain to Snow For the Central Zone This Week


A series of storms with fluctuating snow levels will bring rain and snow to the central resorts for the remainder of the week. A colder storm is on tap for next week. These storms will track farther south than most of the recent storms with little impact for the northern resorts.

Short Term Forecast

The parade of storms continues this week but the focus shifts to the central resorts. We start out cold, warm up quite a bit, and then finish cold. We will see some rain on Thursday during the warm phase of this series of storms. We will see quite a bit of wind during this time as well, with gusts from 80 - 140 km/hr. The warm temperatures may cause some serious avalanche issues in the north despite limited precipitation.

Forecast for Wednesday 9/13 - Sunday 9/17

Snow returns today, with up to 10 cms possible, and then will become heavier overnight. Expect 12 - 25 cms above 1500 m and 5 - 15 cms below that.

Temperatures will be rising during this time and really skyrocket on Thursday, with snow levels climbing to over 2100 m. This will result in a period of rain everywhere except the upper elevations of some of the resorts. 

We stay warm and wet through Thursday before temperatures begin to fall Thursday night. By Friday morning snow levels should be around 1800 m, and down to 1500 m by the evening. Rain will be turning back to snow during this time, with all snow by Saturday morning as snow levels drop below 1200 m. 

Friday night through Sunday will feature more accumulating snow, heaviest during the day on Saturday. Between 40 - 80 cms is possible during this period, with the best conditions on Sunday with cooler temps and decreasing winds. 

Check out the snow forecast for the cool phase of this storm.

Extended Forecast

Outlook for Monday 9/18 - Friday 9/22

Monday and Tuesday should be mainly dry before our next system arrives Tuesday night. Temperatures look much colder for this storm and more significant snow is possible. Right now, this looks like a 25 - 50 cm storm at upper elevations over the course of Wednesday to Thrusday.

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