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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 4 months ago October 2, 2023

Most Resorts Closed This Weekend, Some Stay Open Through October 29


The season is winding down in South America, with several resorts closing over the weekend. Still, there's some light snow in the forecast and a handful of resorts remain open.

Short Term Forecast

The big announcement yesterday came from Corralco, who announced that they are extending the season to October 29th. In addition, Valle Nevado will stay open until 10/9, Cerro Catedral until 10/15, Antillanca will  open for weekends through 10/15 and La Hoya in the south will remain open until 10/16.

After Antuco closed on Wednesday 9/27, Carro Bayo and Chapelco closed on Saturday, with La Parva closing on Sunday. 

With only a few resorts staying open moving forward, the forecasts will be a bit shorter and focus on those that remain open.

So what's the next week looking like? Well, for those that want to keep skiing and riding, periods of light snow will keep things fresh.

We will see these chances for light snow from Monday through Friday this week, with no more than a few cms expected on any given day. A slightly stronger wave will move through on Friday, setting up Antillanca for a decent mini pow day on Saturday. Temps should rise above freezing during the afternoon throughout the week.

A ridge should build in starting Saturday afternoon, keeping the storm track to the south for about a week after that, maybe longer. 

I don't see too much action going on during that time. Alright, that will do for it today. Check out this shot from Corralco yesterday...

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