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A Dry Week


A pretty dry week is in store for us. Windy and sunny weather will dominate. Temps will go from cold in the 20's to 40's by the weekend. There's a chance we could see some moisture come in by next week but right now the amounts are looking low and the chances slim...

Short Term Forecast

This Week 

It's been a few days since I've posted and that's because there's really not been much in the way of active and stormy weather for us down in SoCal. I know there's been some clouds and wind but in terms of precipitation it's been pretty dry for a little while now.

And that's not about to change... Take a look at the forecast below for Snow Summit. No precip or snow chances throughout this week. It will be windy and colder today on Monday, January 23rd but other than that the weather will be fair all week. Winds look to be quite gusty in the 40 - 50 MPH range today on Monday. 

More wind is possible on Thursday and again on Saturday but temps rise into the 40's by the end of the week so the days will start feeling milder with warmer air and a higher angle sun as we go into late January. 

Overall, all of this week will be dry and mostly benign. 

Extended Forecast

Next Week

There is some hope in the longer range that we could see a return of some precipitation in our region... But the chances aren't exactly great at the moment. Take a look at all the individual GFS Ensemble model runs and notice that only a few show any moisture at all for the week of January 29th into the first few days of February. 

The runs that do show precip are mostly quite light so I can't stay I'm seeing anything exciting for us storm wise even in the 10 day forecast. 

You can see on both the GFS and Euro Ensemble Mean plots for precip that SoCal and even most of California is not favored the next 10 days. 

GFS Ensemble Mean Precip 

Euro Ensemble Mean Precip 

By far the Eastern US and the Northern Rockies will be getting more precip as the pattern is shifting into not a completely dry one out west here but still not nearly as moist as it was in the beginning of January. I'll keep you posted on the details as we get closer. Enjoy the sunny and fair weather till then.

Till the next one... Mike out.