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By Mike Korotkin, Meteorologist Posted 3 months ago November 29, 2023

Don't Get Your Hopes Up


It will be mostly sunny and dry on Wednesday. Wednesday night into Thursday we could see snow showers but the odds are accumulations will not amount to more than a dusting for most areas. Friday through the following Friday we are likely to remain high and dry with warmer temps. The next chance for moisture could be after December 10th...

Short Term Forecast


Today should be a mostly sunny day with temps in the mid 40's. Clouds will increase later in the afternoon as the system attempts to bring moisture into our region... 

Wednesday Night - Thursday Snow Show Chances

Notice how I said attempt in my previous line. Our weak storm trended weaker over the last few days and at this point I think we'll be quite lucky if we can even squeeze out an inch of snow out of it. 

Check out the precip forecast through Saturday morning on the GFS this morning:

Most of the moisture doesn't even hit the mtns. at all. It's all in the foothills or in San Diego county. That's the reality of this storm. 

Temps will drop into the low 30's and we could see winds pick up into the 30 - 40 MPH range out of the West Northwest. Other than that, our precip chances are low and amounts will be quite minimal with many areas not even getting a tenth of an inch. 

My snowfall forecast is now for a dusting to maybe an inch if someone is lucky for this weak storm.

Dry Friday - Sunday 

It's likely we stay completely dry Friday through Sunday. Temps will moderate back into the upper 30's by Saturday and 40's by Sunday. There could be some breezy conditions over the weekend with Northwest winds up to 30 MPH. The sun will come out and it will start to feel less like winter and more fall. 


Extended Forecast

The outlook doesn't look great for the all of next week. If you like sunny and dry weather, then disregard what I just said.. ha. But if you're waiting for winter to start and the snow to start flying you're not in luck. Take a look at the GFS Ensemble Model runs for preicp:


That's a big blank spot through pretty much all of next week. 

The Euro Ensemble Mean for precip anomaly shows that we'll be drier than average:

You can see that most of the country is either right around normal or drier than average, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest. The storm track is pointed right at them and they are the favored region. Based on the GFS Ensemble runs above you can see there's a hint that more active weather might return the week of December 10th. We'll just have to keep patiently waiting for that to occur. 

Till the next one... Mike out. 


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