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Tahoe Daily Snow

Happy 4th! When Will Summer Temperatures Arrive?


The Weather:

The weather has been beautiful in Tahoe with highs only in the 70's and overnight lows in the 40's.  That is due to a cool trough continuing to hang around the West Coast.  That is expected to continue through the weekend and into early next week.


A low-pressure system moving through the Pacific NW Sunday will help to tighten the pressure gradient with some gustier winds possible on the lake Saturday through Monday.

Winds should die down and we should slowly start to warm through next week.  High-pressure over the South should start to expand over the West by the end of next week.  We may finally see temperatures warm to their average summertime highs in the 80's by the end of next week!


The system moving into the Pacific NW may bring them a little precipitation, and the normal summertime rain and thunderstorms for the Eastern U.S.  For CA, the typically dry weather pattern we see during the summer.  No precipitation currently expected for the next week.

ca dry


Over the past week, we continued our tour of the National Parks in UT and CO.  In the last post, I left off at the north side of Canyonlands National Park.  

Last weekend we stayed near Moab, UT.  It was hot and dry with temperatures topping out around 100 degrees.  From there we were able to explore Arches National Park.  

arches 1

The kids loved it.  They thought of the arches like a natural playground that they could climb around on.  A small bit of whining about the heat, but the fun on the arches kept their mind off of it.  I, of course, thought they were beautiful and had fun snapping photos.

arches 2

We went into town that night to have dinner.  The people sitting next to us ended up being the people that were camping next to us last summer up in Houghton Lake in Michigan.  We were shocked to see each other and laughed about how it's a small world.  We also had to take a break for the kids to go and see the new Toy Story 4 movie.  They thought it was cool that the movie took place in an RV like ours!

We made a quick stop in Monticello, UT to explore the south side of Canyonlands National Park in the "Needles" section of the park.  We will have to go back when the kids are older as a lot of the big hikes into the Needles are a full day hike, miles long.  We were able to explore most of the shorter hiking areas and had a blast climbing through the canyons... 

canyonlands 3 

...and up ladders past old cowboy camps.

canyonlands 4

On Monday we headed east into Colorado.  Our first stop in CO was Mesa Verde National Park.  We wanted to see as much of the park as possible to learn about the Puebloan culture and how they lived.  We spent the whole day in the park exploring the sites.  

The best part was the afternoon tour of Balcony House.  The kids had a blast climbing the ladders, steep cliffs, and crawling through tunnels to access the houses.




We learned a lot and it was amazing to see how they lived in this area 1,000 years ago.  Taylor had so much fun she said it was her favorite park so far of the 37 we have been to.


Wednesday we made our way up to Montrose, CO just outside the entrance of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  We will be exploring the park for the next couple of days after we enjoy a day off today to celebrate Independence Day!  Then onto Great Sand Dunes National Park before we take a break next week at the OpenSnow/OpenSummit headquarters in Boulder, CO.

Here is a map of our trip so far this summer.


I hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July!  If you are in Tahoe it's a cool 4th but beautiful weather.  We can't wait to get back to Tahoe in a couple of weeks to enjoy the rest of the summer.  

If you are out hiking a mountain, in a National Park, or at the lake, be sure you are using the new OpenSummit weather app!  Send us a note if we missed the spot you are at and we will add it asap.

Stay tuned...BA


Squaw is open through Sunday the 7th for skiing from 8-2.  Get out and enjoy the final turns of the season!

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