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Tahoe Daily Snow

Beautiful Summer Weather...


The Weather:

Cool temperatures in June continued into the first 10 days of July for the Western U.S.


Temperatures have finally warmed to near seasonal averages with highs in the low to mid 80's.  Sunny weather with highs in the 80's will continue into Friday, with light afternoon breezes on the lake.

Highs will continue to be in the low to mid 80's Saturday, but afternoon winds will pick up a bit with gusts up to 20 mph from the southwest on the lake.  That could make for some choppy conditions away from the west shore of the lake.  Sunday we could continue to see gusty winds with gusts to 25 mph on the lake and some rough water away from shore.  Temperatures could also cool a few degrees for a high around 80 degrees.

Another cool trough moving through Sunday into Monday and again for the middle of next week will keep high temperatures near to just below average.  We are expecting temperatures to top out around 80 degrees through Wednesday, with overnight lows in the 40's.  Afternoon breezes from the southwest should not be as strong as over the weekend.

trough 1
We are expecting mainly sunny and dry weather throughout the period.  There is the possibility of a few isolated afternoon showers next week.  But the chance seems pretty low right now.
Another trough may push into the Pacific NW next week.  That could continue the trend of high temperatures near to just below average, around 80 degrees.
trough 2

There are some forecasts showing warmer temperatures later in the month, but for now, escape the heat in Tahoe and enjoy the beautiful summer weather!

Summer Hiking:

Last Thursday was the 4th of July.  We had stopped for a few days in Montrose, CO just outside of the entrance to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It was nice to leave the dry desert regions and move into the greener Rocky Mountain areas with snow still on the peaks! 

We watched the parade and the fireworks and had a great time just relaxing for a couple of days from the road trip.
the 4th

On a sad note, during the parade, a vehicle lost control and went up on the sidewalk running over some spectators right in front of us.  It was terrible as I watched the wheels go right over a 2-year-old child that had to be airlifted.  Luckily the emergency vehicles were right there in the parade and reacted fast. But definitely a sad part of the day.  Our prayers are with the victims...

Last weekend we ventured our way into Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It is one of the steepest, deepest, and narrowest canyons in the U.S.  The pictures are deceiving, but they said the empire state building would only reach halfway up to the rim from the river.

black canyon
Unfortunately, our RV was too long to drive the road to the bottom of the canyon.  We have been making a list of places we want to return to with our SUV to explore more of the park.  This is one of them.  That gave us plenty of time for the kids to hike the rim and to learn in order to earn their Junior Ranger badges!
jr ranger
From there we traveled down to Alamosa, CO to explore Great Sand Dunes National Park for a few days.  A displaced desert and beach in the middle of the green mountains, and it was definitely a fun experience!  Here's a picture for those of you requesting to see Avery our traveling Boston.  As usual, she has a big smile and is having a blast!
That picture was taken during a brief break in the clouds.  It was cloudy for most of our time in the park which was actually great because we could hike in the sand barefoot as the sand stayed cool.  The snowmelt runoff is still so high the stream was still running through at the base of the dunes.  Normally it dries up in July.
sand dunes 2
We are now taking a rest in Boulder at the OpenSnow/OpenSummit headquarters for a few days.  Spending time with co-workers and some family that we have in town.  Highs are in the 90's so we are excited to head back into the higher elevations this weekend.  Here is the trip so far.

Only 1 week left on this adventure.  Then back to Tahoe to enjoy local hiking!

The Future:

Now that we have all 6 platforms up and running for your skiing and hiking weather needs on OpenSnow and OpenSummit, we are quickly working to add more features.  We have some cool new features coming this week to the OpenSummit website and app!  We are already working on OpenSnow for the upcoming ski season as well.

Stay tuned...BA


Squaw finally closed for the season on the 7th.  Only 4 months until the 2019/20 ski season starts!

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