Tahoe Daily Snow

Warmer Weekend, Then Another Cool Down...


The summer started cool.  We have had some warmer weather the last few weeks, but it doesn't seem to last more than a few days before a cool trough moves into the West Coast cooling us back down.  I mentioned in the last post that Reno hasn't hit 100 degrees yet this summer.  If this pattern keeps up we may see little if any hot weather.

We have had some cooler weather this week and some gustier afternoon winds.  Highs dropped into the 70's at the lake.  As we go into the weekend high pressure will be building over the West.


That will lead to slightly warmer temperatures and highs back into the 80's at the lake. 


Afternoon southwest winds should not be as strong either.  Gusts could be in the 15-20 mph range on the lake.

By Tuesday we could see another cool trough approach the West Coast.


That would at least drop temperatures again, with highs possibly dropping back into the 70's through the end of next week.  It could also bring some stronger afternoon winds.

Moisture is increasing from the south over the weekend but we should stay dry this far north.  Instability added next week could lead to a better chance for afternoon thunderstorms and mountain lightning risk.  

OpenSummit has a great lightning risk and precipitation forecast by hour if you plan to be out hiking next week.

Enjoying the Summer weather:

We did do some camping out near Prosser Lake this weekend and the weather was beautiful.  


Overnight lows dipped into the 40's.  No need for A/C in Tahoe in this weather pattern.  We are planning some time up at Pyramid Lake this weekend.  Then some time hiking around Lake Tahoe next week.  Hope to see you out there!

Stay tuned...BA