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Tahoe Daily Snow

Summer Time at the Lake...


The Weather:

We started the week off hot with highs in the 80's, but that's nowhere near the triple-digit heat seen in the Central Valley and even San Francisco.  The temperatures have cooled slightly back into the 70's and will stay there through the weekend.

Yesterday we took a trip out on the lake with the team from Homewood High & Dry Marina to enjoy the nice weather.





I'll be doing a weekly forecast through the summer on their page as well.  We also added a lake level forecast point for the marina on the new OpenSummit.com website.  The new site is full of high elevation hiking forecast points around the area.

Next week high pressure looks like it will build in closer to the coast.  We could see some warming with highs back into the 80's at lake level.  There are also signs that a trough may dig into the West later next week into the weekend of the 22nd.  That could cool us slightly and bring a chance for afternoon thunderstorms.



In the last post, I went through all of the May and seasonal snowfall and precipitation data.  Someone commented that I left out temperatures.  Here is the global temperature anomaly map for May.  You can see that it was below average for Tahoe and much of the West.  I'll try to add this map each month to the monthly recap posts.

temp anamoly

El Nino conditions continue to be steady in the weak range.  We will have to see if that continues into the Fall.  Some models show it fading and some show it holding on into next winter.  We will look at that in more detail later in the summer.

Summer Hiking:

During the summer I post once a week on the weather for Tahoe, hiking, and later in the summer, we start to look at the conditions as we approach the next ski season.  If you are looking to hike anytime soon, know that there is still quite a bit of snow on the upper elevations of the mountains.


Last summer I was posting about our travels to 24 National Parks across the U.S.  It coincided with us launching the new OpenSummit weather app.


That brought our total visited up to 28.  A few weeks ago we took an early season trip down to Yosemite, where we have been several times, and to Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks.  We were seeing a stormy pattern that week with snow in the Sierra.  It made for a white and wet trip and some beautiful scenery.



The waterfalls were gushing...


...and the mist from the water flowing and the weather made for a lot of rainbows.


On Monday we leave for our 4 week trip to Utah and Colorado to visit 10 more National Parks.  I'll be posting the weekly Tahoe forecast and updates from the road on here if you are bored and want bonus content.  That will get us up to 40 of 59 parks in the 50 U.S. states.

When we return I'll be back to posting updates about weather and the outdoors around Tahoe in the Summer.

Cloudnine Weather Conference:

This week I was in Salt Lake City for our conference with the OpenSnow/OpenSummit team.  


After our mandatory early morning hikes...


...we spent the 3 days working on new content for the sites.  As of a couple of weeks ago, we have finally completed all 6 platforms for OpenSnow and OpenSummit!  Now we can focus on maximizing the quantity and quality of the content for your weather needs! 

We use a lot of suggestions from you our loyal weather fans, so keep them coming.  For the summer, we will continue to add more point forecasts in the mountains.  So please feel free to email [email protected] or submit a suggestion on the apps if you see a point you want a forecast for that is not currently there.  Our goal is to provide all of the weather data that we all need as lovers of the mountains and outdoors!

Stay tuned...BA

P.S.  If you want to follow along during summer we will be on the @BAs_Adventures” Instagram page.


Ski Resorts Still Operating:

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