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By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 1 month ago April 3, 2024

Sunny through Friday, then a stormy weekend


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be sunny and warm, then we'll see powder on Saturday with some snow likely through Sunday.



Tuesday was sunny and warm with a high temperature from the upper 20s to the low 30s.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The rest of the week will be dry, mostly sunny, and warm.

The high temperature will be in the 40s on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The wrinkle in the weather on Friday will be the chance for gusty winds during the midday and afternoon.

Snow conditions this week will be typical of springtime with a crunchy surface in the morning, soft/corn during the late morning and midday, and then some slush during the afternoon.

Weekend Storm

A strong storm will deliver intense snow with 3-6 inches by Saturday morning and another 3-6 inches during the day on Saturday.

On Saturday night and Sunday, we will be on the southern edge of wrap-around moisture and storm energy, and the wind direction from the west is only somewhat favorable for more snow, so it's likely that we'll see just light additional snow with 1-3 inches of accumulation on Saturday night and maybe just a few snow showers or even dry weather on Sunday.

Closing day is Sunday, April 7, and the weather should cooperate with soft snow following Saturday's storm, and partly sunny skies with a high temperature in the 20s.

My next update will be Thursday morning.

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Snow conditions as of Wednesday morning

New snow mid-mountain:
* 0” (24 hours Tuesday 500am to Wednesday 500am)
* 0” (Overnight Tuesday 500pm to Wednesday 500am)

New snow upper-mountain:
* 0” (24 hours Tuesday 500am to Wednesday 500am)
* 0” (Overnight Tuesday 500pm to Wednesday 500am)

Last snowfall:
* 4.5” Sunday Night to Monday Night (Mar 31 - Apr 2)

* 17 of 17 lifts
* 126 of 147 trails
* Latest update

Snowpack compared to the 30-year average:
* 95%

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