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US and Canada Daily Snow

Wildfire Smoke Maps


Since we last chatted on June 25th, we've added forecast radar, wildfire smoke, and temperature maps for the next 18 hours, along with an industry-first feature, Estimated Trail Conditions, to our summer service, OpenSummit.

The new map overlays are available to All-Access subscribers for $19 per year, which includes unlimited access to OpenSnow. Use the same email and password to log in to both services.

Forecast Radar

High-resolution precipitation forecast for the next 18 hours.

Wildfire Smoke (surface)

Experimental product from NOAA that tracks smoke near the ground where it can impact breathing, usually from wildfires, for the next 18 hours.

Wildfire Smoke (sky)

Experimental product from NOAA that tracks smoke in the sky where it can impact visibility, usually from wildfires, for the next 18 hours.


High-resolution temperature forecast for the next 18 hours.

Estimated Trail Conditions

Wondering if it rained over the past 24 hours and if the trail is dry? You can now answer these questions with OpenSummit.

Every location in OpenSummit now includes Estimated Trail Conditions, which uses recent weather conditions to estimate if the trail is muddy, a little wet, or dry, and we update this every hour. 

But don’t take our word – we offer one-click access to a visual history of precipitation and temperature during the past 24 hours so that you can make your own call.

We believe that OpenSummit is now the only app + website where you can see high-resolution current radar, forecast radar, snow depth data, wildfire smoke maps, estimated trail conditions, and hourly weather forecasts specifically for your next outdoor adventure.

If you play outside, the OpenSnow + OpenSummit All-Access subscription for $1.58/month is a no-brainer.

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