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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago November 30, 2023

Onslaught of Storms Starts Today


This is what we NEED! A lot of snow is headed our way starting today! What we don't need is a few inches of rain early next week. More than two feet of snow is expected in the Cascades by the end of Sunday. Read on for the details!

Short Term Forecast

Models are in good agreement on a series of upper-level storms barreling through the Pacific Northwest this week, bringing the biggest snow totals of the year. A big warm up is expected early next week with heavy rain, but hopefully the new snowpack can withstand it. 

The forecast details haven't changed much in the last twenty-four hours. A prolonged period of cold temepratures and snowfall will deilver the goods through Sunday. Liquid totals are still in the 2 - 3.5 in range which roughly equates to two three feet, and that's what we should have in the Cascades by Sunday. 

The timing of the storm hasn't changed much either, with snow starting today, becoming heavier on Friday, and then really coming down Friday night and Saturday. The totals for these periods remains the same from yesterday's forecast:

  • Thursday to Friday Morning: 2 - 5 in
  • Friday: 4 - 8 in
  • Friday Night: 5 - 10 in
  • Saturday: 5 - 10 in
  • Saturday Night - Sunday: 2 - 5 in

The higher end of these ranges are more likely at Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass due to the possibility of a Puget Sound Convergence Zone setting up at various points throughout the storm cycle. A bit less is expected at Mt. Baker with the deepest moisture in the central and southern Cascades. Snow levels will range from 2.5 - 3k during the cold period of the storm from Thursday through Sunday morning.

The latest snow forecast from the National Blend of Models is below, looking quite similar over the last few days.

In the eastern part of the state, this will be a minor event, with several days of light to at times moderate snow. From Thursday through Sunday Mt. Spokane and 49 Degrees North should see about 5 - 10 in of snow.

The initial surge of the atmospheric river will be directed south of Washington, into Oregon, causing snow levels to rise as early as Saturday morning. This will allow Washington to remain cool and stay all snow through the day on Saturday. You can see the anomalous moisture moving into Oregon but staying south of Washington below.

However, on Sunday morning the orientation of the atmospheric river shifts north, allowing the moisture and warmth to infiltrate Washington. The warmth will reach eastern Washington later, on Sundsy night. You can see the atmospheric river directed into Washington during this time.

Snow levels will rise throughout the day and snow will eventually change over to rain. A second and stronger atmospheric river bringing another surge of warm and moist air into Western Washington is possible Monday through Tuesday. You can see the second atmospheric river moving into Washington and hanging out for a bit in the GIF below.

Let's end it there, for now, and focus on the snow. There's still some time for the pattern next week to change.

Extended Forecast

Toward the middle and latter half of next week, the upper-level low sitting in the northeast Pacific that responsible for directing the second atmospheric river into Washington will eventually make its way inland. This would potentially cool things off substantially and turn things back over to snow with solid accumulations. Too early for much confidence but a possible nice ending to the clea precipitation event. 

Thanks for reading the Washington Daily Snow! 

Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow


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