By Joel Gratz, Founding Meteorologist Posted 12 years ago November 22, 2011

A splitting storm

While the Pacific Northwest gets hammered (Whistler received 28" this AM and Washington & Oregon also reported big totals), the next main storm to move into the U.S. west coast will be on Thanksgiving and Friday. However as it moves inland, it will split with some energy going north and other energy going south. This could be good news for some states, but bad news for states in the middle - like Colorado.

The good news is that Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday will be sunny and warm, so get out and enjoy. Plus, the northern piece of the storm will skim northern Colorado on Friday afternoon and evening, which will bring some snow to the state. All of this, now in graphical form (click to enlarge).

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Joel Gratz is the Founding Meteorologist of OpenSnow and has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 2003. Before moving to Colorado, he spent his childhood as a (not very fast) ski racer in eastern Pennsylvania.

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