By Bryan Allegretto, Forecaster Posted 3 years ago December 26, 2020

Gear Review: Slope Pro-180X Front Pack

I had a chance this week to go skiing with the new Pro-180X front pack from Slope Mountain Gear. 

The CEO, Ryan Bales, told me that the pack was created as an alternative to clunky backpacks that are uncomfortable or even dangerous to wear on the ski lift. He wanted to create a low-profile and comfortable pack that allowed users to keep their essentials organized, dry, and easily accessible on their chest while enjoying winter sports activities.


When I arrived at the mountain and strapped on the pack, the first thing I noticed is that I didn't really notice the pack was there. It sits securely and comfortably close to the chest and is low-profile, not bulky. I carried my phone in the center pocket, my wallet in the lower pocket, and the collapsible water bottle (included) in the inside pocket.

I hate having my wallet in my pocket when sitting in the car or in a chair (chairlift) so having it securely in the pack and not flopping around in my jacket pocket was nice. Skiing down the hill I didn't even notice I was wearing a pack, and if anything, I thought it would add protection to my front side in the case of an accidental collision with a person/object.


As a ski/weather blogger that is constantly posting to social media from the mountain, I loved having the phone flip out right in front of me when I would pull the front handle that is easy to grasp with gloves on. Usually, I will take off a glove on the lift to post to social media on the lift. It was great to have the fleece hand warmer on the side of the pack I could stick my hand in to warm it up!

I also spend time during the winter snowmobiling and plan to use this pack to easily access my essentials without having to remove a backpack or open the bin on the sled. During the summer I plan to use it for hiking with the family. It will be nice to hand the kids their snacks & water while hiking and not having to stop to remove my backpack.

Overall, I think this pack is comfortable and very useful in the outdoors. I am glad that Ryan and his team reached out to me to ask me to give it a try. I highly recommend it if you enjoy a lot of time doing outdoor activities and are looking for a low-profile and comfortable way to carry small gear and essentials for your activities.

Link → Slope Pro-180X Front Pack


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