Boise Region Daily Snow

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Taste of Spring


That was a solid storm cycle that moved through a few days ago! Tamarack had close to 40 inches over 3 days which is absolutely incredible. Love to see that. Brundage reported a total of about 19 inches with Bogus coming in at 16 inches. We have a few more nice days and then back to storms. Let's take a look.

Short Term Forecast

Bogus coming in with 16 inches over 3 days was great to see. Last Monday really came through in a big way with 7 inches reported overnight. Tuesday and Wednesday really came in about as expected up there. I would be interested in some feedback on how it rode.

We have several more nice days ahead of us. You can really tell that there is some massive temperature swings between day and night right now. Check out the freezing level chart down below for Bogus:

So during the day we get freezing levels up to around 5k feet but at night it is below 2k feet. Quite a swing. I expect to see some corn like conditions over the next few days. That sun is getting high in the sky.

The next storm will impact the region starting Monday with a low pressure system moving inland and hanging out for most of next week:

Temperatures will start out right around average but cool considerably through the week (you can see that reflected in the snow level chart above with lower freezing levels as the week progresses).

We should see chances for snow every day next week and may even get in a good shot of powder 1 or 2 days. I would say that your best shot for a powder day are Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (3/22 and 3/23). This storm will again be moving in from the southwest so the usual suspects will be favored (Tamarack and Bogus).

Extended Forecast

Looking more long range after next week we start to get storms moving through the pacific northwest. So more storms coming in from the northwest. Long range models indicate it will be a cooler spring as well. I think we could be easily skiing until late April to early May. Possibly later at Tamarack and Brundage. Let's just say that they won't close due to mother nature this year and more due to simple economics. 

Enjoy the gorgeous weather and hopefully we can get after it a couple more times next week! I will update over the weekend.

Matthew Platt