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Wrapping it up (Maybe)!


Bogus, Tamarack, and Brundage had a solid powder day on Saturday. It underperformed by a little more than I had expected but still nice to add snow this time of year. We will experience warming trends later this week and definitely some rain this weekend. Let's get into one of the final updates on this season!

Short Term Forecast

Snowpack numbers are looking absolutely amazing for Idaho. Check out the map below for the snow water equivalent of the different basins around the state:

The Owyhees coming in at 200% of average is beyond impressive. We are getting to the point where most of the Snotels are so buried by snow that they are no longer reporting accurate numbers. Bogus is well above record snowpack levels as well. Luckily they aren't closing this week and will instead be open on weekends through May 6th! 

Short range models are showing a chance for snow overnight tonight and again tomorrow night. These will mostly be pop up showers but they could drop some inches very quickly. Bogus will mostly be favored (due to southwest flow and daytime heating) but there are some possibilities up around Tamarack as well. 

We get another storm along with a warmup later this week. Most of the precipitation looks like it will be concentrated further north around Tamarack/Brundage but Bogus should get in on some of the action. Unfortunately, though not really surprising (it is April after all), snow levels will be up around 5500 feet for the duration. Rain/snow will start early Friday morning and last through most of the day. Saturday could see some spotty showers as well. 

Sunday will be absolutely gorgeous and warm with freezing levels moving up above 8k feet. Let the corn harvest begin!!

Extended Forecast

After Sunday, models are showing another weak trough moving into the PNW. This will provide us with a constant source of precipitation moving in off the Pacific. None of the storms look very strong though, and temperatures should be fairly seasonal. I would anticipate that the season for powder is over at this point. Temperatures would have to be significantly colder than average in order for us to have any chance at new snow at resort levels in this area. 

Most ski operations will be winding down this week as will my snow forecasting. Truthfully I am ready for spring. It has been a looooonnnngggg season with snow starting to fall in early November and really not stopping up until this past weekend. No complaints here though! The spring runoff will refill the reservoirs and should make for some great river activities this spring/summer.

Just to emphasize how wet it has been check out the precipitation anomalies over the past 180 days:

Pretty easy to see who the winners and losers are this year. Bogus, Brundage, Tamarack, and Sun Valley did incredibly well. Looks like most of central and northern Idaho faired pretty poorly (relatively). 

I will post if I see anything interesting! But if not, enjoy your spring/summer and I will talk to you again in the fall!


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