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By Powderchaser Steve, Forecaster Posted 1 month ago March 3, 2024

Colorado and Utah Updates- 9-18 inches. Tetons Scored on Saturday!


On Saturday the Tetons scored an impressive 20 plus inch overnight dump. Storm totals are in the 35 inch range. Aside from the local hill in Jackson (Snow King) almost nothing opened at JHMR and Targhee stayed sealed shut. Colorado and Utah are going to have double digits for Saturday. Sierra gets deeper.


On Saturday morning the euphoria of one of the biggest days of the season in many years at JHMR with 20-25 inches awaited a huge turnout for powder. My expectations were 50/50 on opening (My post stated "If it opens") due to the semi dense quality of the snow, strong winds, and extreme mitigation work.

Patrol was making progress until the cold front slammed into the Tetons around 11AM. Winds and snow increased and the plug was pulled. See you on the first Tram Sunday (Posting late Saturday so if you are not here, you're likely not going to be). The winds have decreased but so has the snowfall. Patrol at Targhee and JHMR will have lots of work to do on Sunday morning. Be patient! Resorts will not open on time. 

Below: Overnight powder at the base of JHMR on Saturday (20-25). Photo: Powderchaser Steve 

If chasing powder outside the Sierra (Ditto ditto ditto) the best odds of fresh powder will be in Utah and Colorado. Utah has scored 8-11 inches in just 3-4 hours on Saturday afternoon (Cottonwoods). Cold air has dropped the temps significantly. Winds were a big issue on Saturday for most of Utah. Winds are decreasing as of 8PM but will increase again on Sunday morning. Most of the new snow fell with strong gusts in the 60's above 10K. Lower elevation resorts might ride better snow quality wise. The sharp cold front might also pose some interesting frozen layer beneath the new low density pow. 

With the wind increase in Utah on Sunday morning another push of moisture will bring enhanced snow showers (3-7 additional). Winds might decrease on Sunday afternoon. Lift impacts are likely at upper peaks. 

For Colorado the models look great, especially for the central and northern Regions. Cold air, good quality will await your first chairs. Many options to chase! 

Below: Snowfall from 9PM Saturday to late Sunday. Most of the snow has decreased over northern Utah and pushed south over the southern regions (Eagle Point might have a chance). Snow is just now starting in the Central and northern mountains.

My forecast is calling for 11-17 inches for areas near Aspen extending to Crested Butte. The I-70 corridor will do well (9-15) and extend into Steamboat (11-15). Front range resorts, Summit County, WP, Ski Loveland, and AB should also benefit by Sunday morning. The western I-70 corridor might over perform the eastern side (Could be close). Aim to ride Sunday with additional snow showers through the day and into the Monday morning.

 I forecasted deep snow for CB on the last storm and more moisture funneled north to Aspen. Therefore, I could be wrong here again. We shall see. 

The Sierra continues to get deep! Unfortunately lots of wind and closures will continue Sunday. I still do not recommend chasing in the Sierra.  Another storm albeit more moderate moves in for Tuesday. Dig out time might be Monday? Chases might be better on the moderate storm Tuesday.

Update 3AM Sunday: The early week storm for the Sierra is fizzling. Dig out time and less wind will be Monday/Tuesday.  Winds will ease on Sunday night. 

If wind was not an issue in the Sierra it would have been the epic multi day storm (5 days of powder). 

Stay safe everyone!

Remember tree wells can suck you in deep and result in snow suffocation. Please avoid all deep trees (Pines are the biggest culprit). There have been 2 skier fatalities in the past 2 days (Baker and Jackson Hole) due to snow suffocation. Ride with a partner! A beacon will not save you in skier suffocation or a tree well. 

Powderchaser Steve 


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