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Colorado Daily Snow

The heat departs, more showers arrive, but no snow yet


August was warmer than average and drier than average. The good news is that the heat will go away after about September 3rd and we should see better chances for precipitation as well. However, I do NOT see any chance for very cold air or significant mountain snow within the next 10-15 days.

Short Term Forecast

Let’s start with temperatures.

During August, most of Colorado experienced readings that were a few degrees warmer than average.

Following a warm Labor Day weekend, temperatures will thankfully begin a downward slide. The forecast below is an average from multiple models and shows the projected high temperature for the town of Aspen (I chose this location because it’s in the middle of Colorado). Highs in the 80s will be replaced with highs in the low 70s, which is close to average for early September.

Now let’s look at precipitation.

August was drier than average for most of Colorado and a lot of the western United States.

For the next seven days, from September 3-9, we’ll see better chances for afternoon showers with precipitation amounts that could be close-ish to average for much of the state. As always, we'll take the moisture!

Extended Forecast

While upcoming temperatures will be cooler than they have been, readings will likely still be a bit above average as we head toward the middle of September.

From September 8-12, the coldest air should stay over the northwest and the northern third of the United States.

Going further out in time to September 13-17, models that the only chances for cooler air will be over the northwest and the northeast, leaving Colorado with near-average or above-average temperatures.

Based on the forecasts above, with the coldest air heading toward the northwest during the next 6-10 days, the snow forecasts are meager across most of North America. The best chance for flakes will be over the Canadian Rockies of Alberta and also the higher terrain of Montana and Wyoming.

The takeaway from this forecast here in Colorado is to look forward to…

  • Cooler temperatures

  • More afternoon showers (this is good because fire danger has increased due to the lack of rain)

  • Not worry about the lack of snow in the mountains because any snow during early September would melt anyway and have no impact on the upcoming ski season

Unless the forecast maps show a chance for widespread snow or very cold air, I’ll stick to a weekly update schedule through September.

Thanks for reading!


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